Mums from all walks of life deserve to be celebrated, especially on Mother’s Day. They need to be told that they matter deeply in bringing new humans into the world and being headstrong career women and noble models of society. You may also appreciate them for making the smallest gestures of love, like a good night’s kiss or even a slap on the face for being lazy. Whatever the reason, you need to give them the best cards you can get. To do this, use this article as your guide.

At the core of any wedding ceremony is love, regardless of the couple tying the knot. Though an LGBTQ+ wedding card may look virtually identical to that of a card addressed to a straight, cisgender couple, it’s important to take note of your wording and how you can skew your support the right way. Wedding cards should never be political but addressing an LGBTQ+ couple incorrectly can be a little tricky. Whether you prefer to write a simpler card or enjoy being grand, here are a few pitfalls to avoid and tips for writing the perfect LGBTQ+ wedding card.

When the season of love comes knowing on everyone’s doorsteps on February, friends, families, and couples find unique ways to showcase their appreciation for each other. In spite of living in a dominantly paperless world, greeting cards remain a perennial favourite as it is a simple yet effective way of showing your effort.

Greeting cards also capture one’s affection, one that encourages intimacy as it is a physical token that requires people to deliver it by hand instead of a click of a button. If you look at the numbers for the top gifts for lovers, 51% of people buy greeting cards for Valentine’s Day.