Motherhood is a meaningful journey that is filled with love, joy, and fulfilment. However, this can get challenging, and becoming a new or expectant mom during a global pandemic can be all the more difficult and stressful.

If someone dear to you is a new or expectant mother during these troubling times, the lockdown restrictions may hinder you from visiting your friend and their little one. Fortunately, you can shower her with love and express your support to her from a distance by giving thoughtful gifts that she will surely appreciate.

Here are some unique gift ideas that are perfect for new or expectant moms in the time of a pandemic:


  1. Grocery delivery

Going to the grocery store during a pandemic can be a hassle but still bearable for many. But for new and expectant mothers, leaving her home means risking not only her health but also the life of her baby. Show your love and support to her by keeping her fridge stocked.

Every new and expectant mom will surely appreciate a grocery delivery. Make a list of all items that she and her baby might need, including milk, baby food, fresh fruits and vegetables, water, diapers, tissues, toiletries, and more. Also, you may consider sending over health essentials so your friend wouldn’t have to go out and risk her health. Some medical essentials you may consider giving are baby medicines, a baby thermometer, saline drops, and more.


  1. A baby book or a scrapbook

It’s easy to neglect the opportunity to create and record new memories during a pandemic. Life seems at a standstill, and being cooped up within the four corners of a home can make anyone feel hopeless and helpless. However, staying home should not be an excuse to miss out on documenting all the precious memories the new or expectant mother has. In fact, dealing with motherhood during a pandemic can make for an interesting story.

If you are looking for a charming gift for a friend or a family member who is a new or expectant mom, then you may opt to give her a baby book or a scrapbook. Gifting this means providing her with an opportunity to fill all of the blank pages with their stories, experiences, and unforgettable memories. This can make for a great bonding time when her little one is older and they look back on their journey together.


  1. A funny pregnancy card or mug

Caring for a newborn, worrying about the virus, and being stuck at home can make any mother be at their wit’s end. To help ease the stress and calm the fears of your friend who is a new or expectant mom, send her some laughs by giving her a funny new baby card or mug. Here at our store, you can find a MILF mug, a “Congratulations, MILF to be!” card, and a “You’re going to be such a MILF!” card that will surely crack her up!



Becoming a new or expectant mother can be overwhelming, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. To offer support to your friend and help her navigate her new role, send her one of the gifts mentioned above. Doing this will surely make her feel loved, appreciated, and cared for.

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