Sending greeting cards out during the holidays is an age-old tradition. The first batch of such cards was produced commercially way back in 1843 by Englishman Sir Henry Cole. In today’s day and age, despite the rise of e-cards and digital greetings, millions of holiday cards are still mailed globally.

It’s a given that families, loved ones and friends alike are all part of the great exchange. A lesser-known fact is that businesses also take advantage of this in order to give valued customers, investors and vendors a year-end token of gratitude. This is ideal for businesses to refresh themselves, especially when the recipient has not interacted with the business in a while.

Needless to say, it can’t just be any card. Holiday greeting cards have to be able to hit all the right marks. Branding, design and messaging are just as important as creative elements that will help it stand out.

Here’s what you should know about creating wonderful holiday cards to send customers, investors and vendors:

Choose the Colour and Font Thoughtfully

Needless to say, holiday cards should always present your business in a positive light. Every little detail counts, so consider each element thoughtfully. The paper matters; the images and graphics matter. Which colours are appropriate to the season and brand’s image? What fonts will be easy to read yet send a festive look?

If you’re at a loss as to how to begin with a blank slate, go for a template. There are many basic designs available that even have matching envelopes, which takes even more pressure off of you.


Don’t Forget the Personalised Note

The loveliest of cards won’t have the desired effect if all it has is a generic greeting. After all, the whole point of the card is to strengthen connections and reach out to investors, vendors and customers alike. Handwrite the recipient’s name. If there’s a personal connection somehow (like a long-time customer or whatnot) add a particularly heartfelt message.

A recipient that is unfamiliar and more of an acquaintance than anything will be just as delighted with a message that is cordial yet still personal somehow.


Don’t Go the Digital Route

As previously mentioned, technology has brought about digital greetings and e-cards. Communication has taken on a whole new level. There’s no surprise there: it’s incredibly affordable and convenient to make and send out holiday greetings digitally. However, in this case, a physical card makes an entirely different impact. The extra time and effort will be absolutely worth it.

Electronic messages can be overlooked and discarded just as easily as they get made and sent out. A printed greeting will be far more meaningful and create a stronger connection.



Creating and maintaining connections with customers, vendors and investors alike are crucial year-round. During the holidays, there’s an opportunity to reconnect with the ones that may not have had contact with the business in a while. On the other hand, there’s also a chance to thank more regular customers and really make them feel valued.

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