Through all the celebrations and milestones people experience, greeting cards are one of the few items that help them commemorate those special occasions. However, the greeting cards that people have been saving from long past, such as college graduation, wedding showers, or birthday parties, can often end up gathering dust on bookshelves and in attics. So the question is, are these greeting cards worth the space they take up, or should they be tossed?


When to Throw and When to Keep

If you receive a greeting card that you do not like, you might be inclined to throw it away, especially if it is a simple card with nothing special about it. If a card has nothing to offer, then it just takes up space. However, not all cards are made equal.


Believe it or not, some greeting cards can be worth something to collectors. The most sought-after greeting cards are hand-made and have been signed by the person sending them. If you receive a greeting card from someone special with their signature, then you can keep it. If the card was made by a relative or friend, then you will want to keep it too.

Even some “cheesy” cards can be kept if it carries a particularly meaningful message for you. Maybe the card is signed by a significant other or dear friend, or if the card’s design is unique in some way, you will want to keep it.

Conversely, if the card is from a person you no longer have a relationship with, or if it is generic, you should probably throw it away. Greeting cards from people you do not know do not hold value for you, and they are better off being discarded.


Consider Recycling Greeting Cards

If you decide to keep your greeting cards, then you still have a decision to make. You can either keep them in in their original condition, or you can recycle them. If you decide to recycle the greeting cards, you can either cut them up or use them as bookmarks or paperweight.


Choosing a Place to Store Greeting Cards

The best way to keep greeting cards is to find a place to store them where they will not be damaged or where they might be thrown away. A good place is in a box or a special drawer. If you keep greeting cards in envelopes, you can store the envelopes in a cardboard box. You may want to keep the parcel in a closet or under the bed.

Finally, if you have any greeting cards you have chosen to recycle, you may want to keep them in a separate box or file folder. Then, when the time comes, you can recycle the cards.


What to Do When You Have No Choice But to Throw Away

While you certainly do not want to throw away greeting cards, there are times when throwing them away is your only option. If you own a greeting card that is torn or has not been stored properly, there is nothing you can do. When this happens, you will have to toss the card. On the other hand, you will want to think long and hard before you decide to throw away greeting cards that still look great.



Greeting cards are unique items. They hold a lot of sentimental value, especially those that are handmade or that are signed by a loved one. If you want to keep those cards, then you will need to take good care of them.

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