Different Ways to Bid Farewell to a Resigned Work Colleague

There’s so much movement of employment in different industries, set abuzz by the pandemic. There are people quitting and moving their jobs to pursue something new or to enter a new company, some are even laid off. You might be surprised when it’s your favourite work colleague who’s finally resigning from your workplace.

It can be a tough pill to swallow when you think about how your coworker, employee or boss is going to leave. Sending out a thoughtful greeting card is one of the best ways to end things and eventually acknowledge their departure from the company.

If you’re feeling a little stuck about what messages to write out or get, don’t worry! Here’s a short guide to the different ways you can say goodbye to a resigned work colleague.



If you’re not exactly the closest with this work colleague yet you admire them from afar, going the professional route might be the best way to go. Wish them luck and show high regard for everything that they’ve done for the company.

It wouldn’t hurt to give that small sense of appreciation for even the smallest things that they’ve done in the workplace, like mentoring you or sharing the workload. Plus, giving them that small reassurance about their own work ethic and skills is free, boosting their drive for their future.



Most work colleagues would consider people at the office their friends, taking Friday nights out with each other or just having a friendly chat. If that’s your relationship with the work colleague resigning, it might be a good step to take it a little more personal.

Show your gratefulness to them regarding the time that you’ve spent with them. Talk about how you’re going to miss them yet crossing your fingers about their continued success. Even slipping your number and socials would be a good way of showing that you want to keep in touch.



If you just don’t want to take things too seriously with your coworker, that’s completely valid too! There are loads of funny greeting cards that you can just sign and send over to them to lighten up the mood in the room. They’ll appreciate having a giggle.

For example, handing a card with the text ‘I’m amazed you didn’t get fired first’ and ‘Sorry you’re leaving… not really I’m having your office’ can garner quite a laugh from the group. ‘Who’s going to make the tea now?’ will be slightly endearing, but enough for a chuckle too.



If you just feel like doing a different spin on things, you can absolutely leave a card on their desk or mail them something that’s just absolutely rude. Some can be slightly offensive yet hilarious, such as calling a work colleague an absolute traitor to the company.

On the other hand, others might take a jab at more sensitive or suggestive stuff. Cards like “Well who am I going to shag on my lunch break now?’ are perfect when you aren’t afraid of sending a few couple of curse words to send them off and joke around a little bit.



It can be quite an emotional time to bid farewell to a work colleague for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Others see it as an ending, but it won’t be one for specific relationships. Getting a greeting card that has the right words for you and writing a special message should help convey everything that you need to on your coworker’s last day at the office.

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