The holidays are fast approaching, and there’s one tradition you should not miss—sending out Christmas cards! There’s nothing better than handwritten notes and quirky greeting cards to make people feel like you remember them, so make sure you don’t miss it this year, especially over the roller-coaster year that most people faced.

Whether you have been sending Christmas cards for years or you just want to try it out, there are a few best practices that can ease out the job for you. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best tips in Christmas card etiquette.

The Proper Christmas Card Etiquette

Is there such a thing as proper Christmas card etiquette? It may seem odd, but there’s nothing wrong with aiming to be polite during the holiday season. Here are some tips you can think about when it comes to sending out holiday greetings:


  1. Don’t forget to include your return address so that you can be reached or written back.
  2. Make sure you address your recipients correctly.
  3. For older relatives and friends, hard-copy cards will always be better than digital ones.
  4. Keep a running card list, so you can be reminded of who to send when the season comes.
  5. Edit your card list every once in a while to add on the new people in your life and remove those you’ve fallen out of touch with.
  6. Separate your personal greeting cards from professional ones.
  7. For colleagues and clients, go for neutral and non-religious greeting cards.


Why Should You Send Out Christmas Cards?

In the past few months, life has been quite a struggle. With lots of activities and distractions in our lives, it can be easy for us to forget to catch up with friends and family. By having simple ways to communicate with them and make them feel remembered, like sending out greeting cards, you can maintain connections with the people who matter most to you.


When Should You Send Out Christmas Cards?

For Christmas cards, the latest you should send out your cards in the mail is the first week of December. Since December signals the start of the season, it would be better if the recipients get a few weeks to display the card as they wait for the arrival of Christmas.

Also, if you send out Christmas cards early, you don’t have to worry about the rush, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have heard from you during the holiday season.


How Late Is Too Late When It Comes to Sending Out Cards?

Generally, you should plan out getting your card in the mail no later than December 12 for basic delivery. However, if you select rush delivery or priority mail, you can get your envelopes in by December 20 and have them just in time for Christmas.


Final Thoughts

Christmas cards are timeless gifts that are always fun to look forward to during the season. If it’s not yet a part of your tradition, consider adding it to your holiday routine and bring a pleasant surprise to the people you care about!

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