Figuring Out Who to Send a Thank You Letter After a Wedding

After the wedding and vacation are done, it is time to return to reality and work. It’s the job of writing all those thank you notes that most people dread. Ordering wedding thank you cards well in advance of the big day is the best way to get a head start on the process. Don’t know who to thank? Here’s a brief guide to thank you notes after the wedding.


Figure Out Who Needs a Thank You

Who you should send thank you cards to is easy. Everyone who gives a gift to the bride and groom (and their parents) needs cards. That includes anyone who attended the wedding or gave a gift like a bridesmaid, groomsman, and wedding party member. You’ll also want to send a thank you to anyone who hosted a separate shower or bachelorette party.

You also need to send a thank you card to anyone who donated towards the wedding or gave you the use of a venue or a car. Remember, the goal here is to thank anyone who gave you or the bride and groom any present.


Figure Out How Many Cards You Need

How many thank you cards you need is dependent on how many gifts you got. Whether you got three or 30 gifts, you need enough cards to correspond with them. Even if you get 30 gifts but only have enough money for 20 thank you cards, you should send out the 20 and save the rest later.

The easiest way to figure out how many cards you need is to sit down and divide the total number of gifts by the number of cards you have. This will give you the number of people whose gifts you need to thank.


Think of What You Should Say

The main goal of a thank you card is to thank the person for the gift. It’s not meant to be a long, drawn-out letter or any essay. It should be a simple thank you. That’s it.

However, that doesn’t mean you should send a generic thank you to everyone. If you have an individualised reason to thank someone, you should do so. For example, if you received a gift from someone you know, you can mention them on the card.


Make the Card Look Professional

The last thing you want is a thank you card that looks cheap or rushed. You shouldn’t just grab some blank cards off the counter and send them to people.

You want your thank you cards to look nice, whether you are giving them thank you cards or just a polite card. Make sure that you have nice-looking cards and envelopes. If you’re giving the cards as thank yous, you should at least lightly address them and throw in a stamp. Many people find it professional if the card is stamped and hand-addressed.



Thank you cards after the wedding is an important task. It shows your gratitude to all those who were a part of your special day. To make sure you get the thank you cards out promptly, writing them long before the wedding is the best way to go. The sooner you can write the cards, the sooner you can mail them.

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