It is the season to be jolly and send Christmas cards. But do you really have to send the same generic card with the tree or the lights every single year?

Here are a few fun tips to add a little Christmas cheer to your Christmas card game.


Find Funny Christmas Cards

Most Christmas cards can be quite serious and lacklustre. They may draw you in with the usual Christmas fanfare of snowmen, Christmas trees, cosy cabins and whatnot. But when you read the content, it’s always the same “Season’s Greetings!” or “Merry Christmas!” Steer clear from those this time and look for unique and funny greeting cards.

Consider getting cards that may be simple in design but pack a punch in the message department. Don’t be afraid to branch out to cards with pop culture references and deliciously sarcastic-toned ones. Just make sure that the receiver understands and appreciates the joke.


Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Little Rude

Sometimes, the level of relationship you have with someone is depicted in the cards you send. So, when you are in a close enough relationship with someone that you can throw insults at them lovingly, you can skip the generic cards and go straight for the rude Christmas cards.

There are a lot of non-PG Christmas cards in the market that can give you a good chuckle. Buy those and have a little fun with your significant other, siblings, mates or cousins. Remember to quadruple check the recipient’s address on the envelope, though. You don’t want to send that to your great aunt or boss.


Pen Funny Messages

Some people are okay with buying rude or borderline offensive cards in bulk. But some are not quite ready to take the leap yet. In this case, you can choose an amusing greeting card and write a funny message on it.

In writing the message, you can briefly explain why you thought of them when you saw the card, or you can write jokes. You can use inside jokes to personalise the card more or you can borrow the jokes you find in Christmas crackers. You can write anything from bad puns to questionably funny knock-knock jokes. Just make it a point to answer questions and end scenarios. Don’t leave them hanging.


Sign It Creatively

Typical Christmas card etiquette dictates that a card’s closing should depend on your relationship with the recipient. You sign it with “love” for friends and family, “sincerely” for colleagues, bosses and clients. But why should you stop there if you’re sending a funny card?

“Cheers” is a generic but light-hearted closing to a novelty Christmas card. You can also be a little rude or finish with an inside joke. You can sign your name differently, too. You can use the loving insult they throw at you or other amusing names that come to mind.


Begin a Funny Tradition

After sending out the cards, observe people’s reactions to them. If the cards do indeed brighten up people’s days despite the outlandish messages and mildly offensive humour, make this the first year of a long tradition of sending funny Christmas cards.

If, by now, you are 100 per cent sure that the joke will be well-received, stock up on your favourite greeting cards today. You can even rope in your family and friends to expel generic Christmas cards from your annual card-giving tradition and turn to creatively amusing ones instead.



When you want to bring more merriness and more Christmas cheer into people’s lives, do it with funny Christmas cards. These cards can be the highlight of someone’s Christmas and make a good day a superbly memorable one.

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