Having someone you care about get isolated in a hospital due to an injury or illness can be disheartening. If you are having a hard time showing that you care about your loved one who is sick, then you may consider handing them a funny get well soon card along with a heartfelt gift.

Get well soon cards are a nice keepsake, and they can perfectly convey your warm wishes. By sending your loved one a card, you can make them feel loved and give them hope to look forward to better days.


What Should You Write on Your Get Well Soon Card?

It is normal and understandable to struggle in finding the right words, especially when it comes to writing something as personal as a get well soon card. The key to composing a well-written message is to be genuine and write from the heart. Make sure to keep your tone warm and focus on the positive. If possible, do not mention the negative aspects of your loved one’s injury or illness.


What Gifts Should You Bring along with Your Get Well Soon Card?

While you can splurge on extravagant presents to hand to your friend or loved one in the hospital, it is best to give charming gifts that make the time spent in the hospital more meaningful or productive. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas you can give along with your get well soon card:


  1. Foods and drinks

Tasty treats and refreshments always make for the perfect gift. Your loved one is sure to appreciate your effort if you hand them their favourite drink or a snack they have been craving. Just make sure to ask them first if they are on a special diet to ensure they can enjoy your delicious gift.


  1. Personal care items

Personal care items serve as practical and useful gifts, and they bring comfort to your loved one.

While they likely have the basic necessities, you can bring them some items they can use and enjoy even after they are discharged from the hospital. These include soft face and body towels, smooth facial tissue, fuzzy socks, fluffy pillows and warm blankets, soothing lip balm, calming lotion, and luxurious skincare products.


  1. Reading materials

Being stuck in a hospital bed can make your loved one feel bored out of their mind. To help them pass the time, give them entertaining reading materials. They are sure to appreciate this if they like to read.

Books and magazines make a great gift since they can help your loved one feel entertained for hours and take their mind off of their illness or injury, making their hospital stay more bearable.


  1. Games and puzzles

If your loved one is not fond of reading, you can help them pass the time and make their hospital stay more meaningful by bringing various games and puzzles. These include crossword and picture puzzles, a deck of cards, board games, and more. Make sure to bring compact games and puzzles that will not take up too much space for their convenience.



Being stuck in an unfamiliar environment while recovering from an operation or an illness can be dispiriting for your friend or loved one who is sick. To cheer them up and make their day, there is no better way to tell them to get well soon than to visit them in the hospital and bring them a heartwarming, funny card along with a thoughtful gift.

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