Whether you look forward to them or not, birthdays are a part of life. Many people say that as they add another year to their age, they are not actually growing older, but growing wiser. Birthdays celebrate more than age; they are a celebration of life, milestones, achievements, and much more! There is truly a lot to be thankful for during birthdays.

One challenge many people have is trying to find an appropriate gift if someone they care about is turning another year older. Especially for people who have been together for many years, it gets increasingly difficult each year to find the perfect gift. However, most of the time, it is the thought that counts. This being said, how about getting your loved one a funny birthday card?


Giving a Funny Birthday Card: What Should You Write?

Even if you find the perfect card to give to a loved one or special friend, deciding what to write may still be difficult. To match your funny birthday card, you need to think of the perfect message to go with it. If you are at a loss on what to write, here are a few ideas for you to draw inspiration from!


1 – Something Witty About Their Age

Jokes about a person’s age are always funny. However, you have to be wary about how the person feels about it. If it is a sensitive subject, it may be best to choose something else to write on the card. On the other hand, if the birthday celebrant is game to laugh about how old they’re getting, especially if they are turning 30, or another round number – which is considered to be a milestone – you can make a witty joke about it on the card.


2 – Inside Jokes

If you share an inside joke with the recipient of the card, you may choose to mention that joke in the message you write. This will be a reminder to them of the special connection that you share, and it will make the card they receive from you that much more special. If there is a special memory connected to that joke, you can mention it in the body of your note too, something like “Happy birthday, I hope you have as much fun today as you did when we took that trip together.” Remembering an epic memory like that will definitely put a smile on their face.


3 – Fun Birthday Wishes

If you want to send your birthday wishes to your loved one, you can include a heartfelt message in the card. The card itself will already be funny if you choose the right one. Including a sincere message inside the card will make the person feel special and help them appreciate the gesture even more.


4 – Something You Both Can Relate To

Lastly, maybe you can write something on the card that you both relate well to. Whether this is a secret you share or an experience or road trip you want to repeat with the person again someday, mentioning it in your birthday greeting will let the person know what an impact they have made on your life.



It is always nice to give something to a loved one during their birthday. However, if you are at a loss at what to get for them, a nice greeting card will always make them smile. While there are the traditional birthday cards that you can find in any bookstore, you can up your game and get a one-of-a-kind greeting card that nobody else will be able to find. This will take the “It’s the thought that counts” saying to the next level because the person will feel that you handpicked the card especially with them in mind.

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