Everybody wants to remember each milestone in their life. Whether it be a birthday party, an engagement party or a wedding, all of these are important moments. One of the most significant events that we should celebrate is someone’s retirement.

At one point in someone’s life, their long and successful career journey, as well as their sacrifices and hard work, will come to an end, and they will go through retirement. They will finally rest after years of working hard and enjoy the free time they have. When someone is going to retire, the best thing to do is to congratulate, celebrate with them and acknowledge their hard work over the years.

If you know a retiree and you’d like to give them something heartfelt, a gift and a retirement card are a great idea. This article will share with you tips on how to write the perfect retirement card. So wrap your gift, grab your pen and let’s get started!


What should a retirement message say?

The purpose of giving someone a retirement card is so that they know you see them and that you acknowledge all the sacrifices and hard work they did throughout the years. You’re letting them know that you’re proud of what they’ve achieved and that they deserve to rest and enjoy life.

When you’re writing a retirement message, you must congratulate them and wish them luck in the next phase of their life. Also, you want them to know that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and that you admire them. You’ll then want to end your message with well-wishes for their future. To add a little personalisation and a heartfelt touch, you can even squeeze in a favorite memory you both share. You might end up pulling at their heartstrings, and they might even shed a tear or two!


Retirement card messages

Going through retirement is a rollercoaster ride in itself. It’s a life event that comes with a mix of emotions—smiles, tears, worry, excitement and nostalgia.

One of the best ways to show them you care and are proud of them is by giving them a gift along with a retirement card. Filling out a card might be a bit challenging, especially if you’re going through emotions as well. Here are some retirement messages to get inspiration from:

  • For the person who inspires everyone to do their best and be their best, cheers to your retirement! Work hard at relaxing this time. Congratulations!
  • I wish you a happy retirement filled with love, food, memories and zero work! Enjoy!
  • Best wishes on your new chapter in life! Now, the fun begins. Congratulations!
  • You’re beginning a new adventure; how exciting! I wish you a long, healthy and happy retirement!


Bonus: Funny retirement card messages

Since retirements can get pretty emotional, why not try giving them funny retirement cards with silly messages to add extra happiness and fun. Giving funny cards are just as memorable and effective as general cards. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Congratulations! If you get bored at home, you can call us and hang out with us in the office and give you some papers to sign.
  • Now is the time to spend all your life savings! Congratulations on your retirement!
  • Your long and successful career and your achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. Now, it’s time for you to be the Master of Doing Nothing! Congratulations!
  • Enjoy hanging out with your two new best friends: the bed and the couch! Have fun relaxing!
  • You can turn off all your alarms now and make coffee in weird hours of the day. Congratulations on your retirement!



Retirement is a transition that everyone will go through, and it’s always important to make sure they remember this moment. One of the best ways to let someone know that you appreciate their hard work and sacrifices, their success and their journey is by giving them a gift along with a retirement card. The great thing about cards is you can add a personal touch and make it more heartfelt. So find the perfect gift, grab your retirement card, write your message and tug at their heartstrings or tickle their funny bone!

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