Greeting cards have a psychological effect. Knowing how it affects a person psychologically can help business owners or individuals better design greeting cards. People have exchanged illustrated greetings for centuries. In fact, as early as the 15th century, Europeans were already making greeting cards.

Over the last 100 years, cards have been used to communicate sentiments about different life experiences and shared events. The most common type of greeting cards is for birthdays because they are great opportunities to send cards with personal meanings.

Holidays and special occasions are good moments to send cards to business contacts, family and friends.


The Psychological Effects

Greeting cards have cognitive and psychological aspects. For one, the brain’s frontal lobe works to process thoughts and memories about the cards’ recipient. Also, the chosen card reflects the sender’s relationship to the recipient, and how the sender wants the recipient to think of them when they receive the card.

The priorities when sending a greeting card varies. Personal cards should correspond to the relationship between the sender and recipient. On the other hand, business greeting cards must carry a clear and appropriate message and reflect the brand.

Business owners and professionals find greeting cards useful for reinforcing their role. Additionally, any type of business may send greeting cards to cultivate their network.


  • Identity Expression Through Greeting Cards

When sending cards, the sender must consider the identity of the recipient and their position. With that, the card’s design and message must be relevant to the identity and values of both parties. Card recipients will more likely appreciate cards that connect with their emotions and thoughts. If both parties enjoy a little humour, why not send funny greeting cards, or even rude ones?


  • Social Bond Strengthening

Greeting cards are a more tactile mode of communication that can be more persistent than a digital message. The recipient will likely recall the experience and associate it with other positive memories of the sender. Therefore, choosing and sending the right greeting card must be done carefully.

Even if you order a lot of cards, you need to make sure that the cards are relevant to the recipients. The occasions on which the cards are sent can reflect your values and help you maintain important relationships in your life.


  • A Special Touch Amid a Digitally Driven World

You might think that greeting cards are no longer a thing because of technology. However, more people are sending greeting cards because they carry a more special touch. This special touch is because of its psychological effects discussed in this post.

If you want to make someone feel special or simply want to go the extra mile when sending well wishes, greeting cards are the way to go.



Fortunately, there are many greeting cards you can choose from today. They have evolved, which means that you have more choices to choose from. You can find greeting cards for almost any occasion, even the most mundane. Consider this a sign to send greeting cards to your loved ones or for your business. You can’t go wrong with it!

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