At one point or another in our lives, we’ve all probably sent a greeting card to someone special in our lives to commemorate a significant occasion. Whether it was a birthday card to celebrate their special day, a funny card to cheer them up, or a new job card to commemorate their achievement, there’s no such thing as a greeting card being out of place for any occasion.

While it may be clear that greeting cards are definitely an essential part of human life, the advent of social media, technology, and convenience has left them in the dark for a bit as many are making the move to online greetings. Nowadays, the introduction of social media platforms has kept the handcrafted pieces of paper in limbo, to the point where many have asked themselves this question time and time again:


Do greeting cards still matter in this digital day and age?

In spite of their diluted significance amongst all sorts of celebrations nowadays, the truth about greeting cards is that they’re still as important as ever.


Why these handcrafted mementos still matter

Despite the fact that the advent of digital greetings and online messages seems to show itself as the new way to communicate nowadays, the importance of greeting cards and why they matter still remains. As opposed to the standard forms of greetings used by many people that are packed with emojis, one-liner messages, and a slight tinge of insincerity, cards possess a wide range of benefits that can’t be found anywhere else.

Here are just two of the many different benefits of greeting cards that help them stand out above all else:


They’re a great way to keep your relationships strengthened

Whether it’s with your parent, sibling, relative, significant other, best friend, or someone from work, a greeting card is the way to go when it comes to building stronger relationships with those who matter in your life.

It may not seem like much at first, but such cards essentially act as a strong reminder of how much you appreciate or cherish a person because they show the amount of time and effort you’ve spent on sending them one. From the thought put into choosing the card to the short, yet sweet message that you crafted by hand, every single aspect of a greeting card screams appreciation and care in more ways than one!


With a greeting card, someone will have more reasons to remember you by

As opposed to online greetings that pop up on a person’s timeline, get a reply, and fade into obscurity right after, cards last for a far longer time— both literally and figuratively. In most cases, a custom, handmade greeting doesn’t simply stop working its magic as soon as it’s opened and read. Beyond the moment it’s opened, a greeting card goes on to act as a longstanding reminder of your love and appreciation for the person you sent it to, giving them more reasons to remember you and keep you in their hearts in the long run!



Despite the fact that online communication is becoming the norm for getting in touch nowadays, birthday cards, funny cards, new job cards, and other kinds of greeting cards still remain supreme when it comes to celebrating any occasion. If you’re looking to make your well wishes even better, then take this as a sign to go ahead and pick out a card that best expresses how you feel!

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