In the past, the art of exchanging greeting cards was common and prevalent among friends, colleagues, and family members. It was a way to communicate the year’s special events to family and friends. It was also a way to declare affection and love, show appreciation and gratitude, and convey thoughts and feelings to someone.

The advent of modernisation and technology, however, has led to the decline in greeting card exchange in recent years. Many individuals heavily rely on digital and social media platforms to greet, instead of buying greeting cards, writing messages, and giving them to deserving individuals. They’d rather send their greetings on social media platforms.

In recent years, however, there has been an increase in the use of greeting cards. There must be some good reasons for this to happen. Keep on reading to find out more.


The lost art of exchanging greeting cards

Before the age of technology, most people communicated through letters and were sent through physical mail. They would write messages on greeting cards and send them to loved ones, colleagues, and family members during a special day. What had once been an important personal act of communication between the sender and receiver has soon faded with time.

Today, many people use Facebook, Instagram, emails, and other digital platforms as a means of communication. If there are birthdays, they would quickly send birthday greetings on Facebook or other platforms. When it comes to holiday greetings, they can even go as far as posting one lengthy greeting on their timeline for all to see in their news feed. The way communication and interaction take place today with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have significantly changed—the very reason for the lost art of exchanging greeting cards.


The Comeback of Greeting Cards

Recently, however, there seems to be a comeback in the use of greeting cards. While large greeting card companies have seen revenue declines, smaller, vibrant craft card companies have emerged to appeal to the younger generation. The question is, what has brought the comeback of exchange greeting cards?

For one, many risks are associated with digital information and devices, such as fraud, loss of privacy, and identify theft. This can be one good reason why many individuals at times prefer to send information manually. Secondly, many youngsters are starting to appreciate the beautiful art of exchanging greeting cards. They begin to have an attraction for retro technologies, such as beautiful pens, paper books, paper bills, and vinyl records. Finally, the digital age has also seen a growth in self-produced greeting cards. With the aid of digital technology, many individuals become more creative by creating a paper card, writing a letter, or sending a picture postcard.

At this point, you might have realised the impact of a greeting card. Sending a greeting online is one thing, and handing it over in person is another. The act itself is already thoughtful. The effort you will have exerted is something that will be appreciated by the receiver—much more if they have seen the crafty card itself and read the heartfelt message written on it.

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