Greeting cards are making a comeback! And they come with much cuter illustrations and witty content.

Sending greeting cards to your family and friends can be a great way to congratulate them on something, especially if you can’t be there to celebrate with them physically. And you don’t have to worry about the formalities of writing a proper letter like you were taught in school. You can keep your greeting short and simple.

Here are a few ways you can keep your greeting brief, funny, but still meaningful.


Know Your Audience

Before you select your greeting card and write on it, you need to know how the recipient will react. After all, your conservative grandmother might not appreciate getting a somewhat crude birthday card.

Make sure the person will like the card you choose. And make the message you write appropriate to the relationship you have with the recipient. You can still be funny with an older relative as long as that’s how your relationship with them has always been.


Be More Creative With the Greeting

“Dear Name” is overdone. Add a little spice to your greeting. It could be as simple as “Hey Grandpa” or something casual like “‘Sup Mate.” Just steer clear of the formal letter greetings you might use in corporate communications.


Skip the Excuses

Many people start their letters with an apology for not keeping in touch that often and an emphasis on how busy life has been for them. We suggest you skip this part. It’ll only take up space and doesn’t really add anything to your card. We’re sure your friend already understands how busy life can get when you’re an adult, so adding this little blip won’t be necessary.


Tailor the Humour to the Occasion

It goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t try to be funny when you’re writing a sympathy card. True humour isn’t offensive, so be mindful of what you can joke about when sending a greeting card.

On a lighter note, you should also try to fit the humour to the occasion. For example, if your friend just had a baby, you can say, “I guess you’ve got a literal dadbod now,” to make him laugh.


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Sentimental

Jokes aside, the person you’re sending a card to probably means a lot to you. So, don’t be afraid to be sentimental. Genuinely congratulate them for whatever milestone they’ve reached and let them know you’re proud of them. Remind them that you’ll always be a friend through laughter and tears.


End on a Hopeful Note

Close your letter with something hopeful. Perhaps you can suggest a catch-up session soon or wish them luck on their next endeavours. Let them know that future correspondence is an option.


Don’t Use a Generic Closing Signature

Skip the overused “Sincerely” or “Best Regards” and replace them with something more creative. You could be funny with a “Your Prettiest Daughter” or heartfelt with an “Always Your Friend.”




Receiving a greeting card can make a person smile, especially if one of their top love languages is words of affirmation. Whether you decide to be funny or meaningful or even a combination of both, what matters is that the person you’re sending the card to will appreciate whatever you go for.

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