Bridal showers are one of the happiest and exciting occasions in every bride-to-be’s life. It’s the moment when your family and friends celebrate with you before you enter married life. On this occasion, you receive tonnes of gifts and well-wishes–and that feeling is pretty amazing!

After receiving those fantastic and meaningful gifts from them, it’s just proper for you to send a thank you letter to let them know that their efforts are appreciated. However, this might sound overwhelming for you because you’re a busy bride preparing for your big day. You might be thinking: what should you write on a bridal shower thank you note?

Don’t worry because we’re giving you some tips on how to write a lovely bridal shower thank you note for your loved ones.


Main Guidelines When Writing a Bridal Shower Thank You Note

When writing your note, consider the following:


  • Timing

Make sure to send them the thank you note within three months after your bridal shower. This is to ensure that you make them feel that their efforts and love are greatly appreciated.


  • Language

Write in a fun, casual or humorous way. This is way far better than a formal and stiff tone, especially if you’re sending it to the people you know very well.


  • Length

It doesn’t need to be lengthy. In fact, 30-60 words will be perfect. Short and sweet messages will do.


  • Addresses

Make sure that you verified the addresses where you will send the letter. You can check their addresses through text, call or social media.


Basic Parts of a Bridal Shower Thank You Note

An excellent bridal shower thank you note should include the following:

  • A line acknowledging the gift
  • A short message why you like the gift and how are you planning to use it
  • A compliment to the person and create a personal connection
  • A message thanking the person again


There are times you need to be more specific when writing a thank you note. Every person during your bridal shower may have played a significant part, and you might want to let them know that you recognise it. Some examples are below:


  • A Thank You Note for a Physical Gift

Let’s admit it. There are gifts that you love, but there are gifts that you don’t necessarily hate, but would rather not receive. But, whether it’s a favourite of yours or not, you still need to thank the giver with a genuine thank you message. The person deserves to be acknowledged for her thoughtfulness and love in giving you a gift.


  • A Thank You Note for a Gift or Money Card

Typically, guests prefer to bring physical gifts during a bridal shower. However, some choose to give more practical presents such as money or gift cards. When writing your thank you note for the person who gave it to you, refer to the generous gift card instead or state the amount of money you received.


  • A Thank You Message for Hosting or Helping With the Bridal Shower

It’s an amazing feeling to see that the people you love are with you during all the meaningful occasions in your life. That’s why hearing their best wishes during a bridal shower is something that should be celebrated.

Make sure to write a thank you note for the person who hosts the shower. Also, do not forget to send to everyone who has helped prepare the shower. Keep in mind that their effort and thoughtfulness are beyond any physical gift they can give.



It’s fulfilling to see and hear people close to you wishing you all the best on your journey to married life. The love, thoughtfulness, care and friendships make the shower more exciting and happier. As a bride-to-be, it’s also important that you let these people know how grateful you are for the time and gifts they’ve given you. A sweet and sincere, or sometimes funny, thank you note will be a great way to make them feel that you appreciate and cherish their presence as much as their presents.


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