In the world of business, connections are important. It’s not enough that you have your network, it’s important to keep them and nurture the relationship you have. There are many ways to do this, but one striking and inexpensive way is through sending out thank you cards.


Why Business Relationships Are Important

Without your business partners or customers, your business won’t last or maybe not exist at all. It’s important to care for these people because they keep your business running. Cultivating your relationship with them will encourage repeat business and transaction.

There are many ways to express your thanks. You can occasionally treat them, give them gifts, offer promotions and incentives, or send thank you cards.


Why Send out Thank You Cards

  1. More personal

You can type down your message in an email and simply hit send. Why would you trouble yourself in sending a thank you card? That’s actually the same reason a thank you card is more special.

Anyone can type the words “thank you” and send it effortlessly. However, a thank you card, especially a customised or handwritten one, shows that you put more efforts into the message you sent.


  1. More than a thank you

If you have a card, you can write more than your thank you. You can personalise it and write more messages to make it less canned looking. You can add personal elements that will make it more you.

Customers would appreciate messages that are specially made for them. It’s an added value for your business and a way to make your customers and business partners feel more special and appreciated. Moreover, it’s not a simple message they send to the email trash or throw away.


  1. Good exercise for you

The receiver isn’t the only one benefiting from thank you cards. As the sender, it’s also a way for you to express your utmost gratitude to anyone helpful for your business. It’s a good physical and mental exercise for you.


What to remember

Here are some things to consider when writing a thank you card:

  • When expressing your gratitude towards people, be as genuine as you can. Your card can reflect the emotion you have through your letter. A well-meant letter can transcend boundaries and time.
  • Include no form of promotions or business-related incentives. Even if your intentions are good, they can be misread as an in-genuine action. You should focus on your objectives. You are writing to say your thanks, not to lead them to another promotion or item for purchase. You can always do that on another platform.
  • Think carefully about what you want to say. Although honesty and genuineness are encouraged, your aim is to make them feel better, so you have to be careful with your word choice and tone.



Sending a thank you card is one effective way to show people how you feel. When put in a business setting, it’s a personal and genuine way of conveying your appreciation and recognition of their contribution to your work.

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