Nowadays, real-life snail mail is a novelty. After a year sifting through hundreds of networking emails and a plethora of social media messages, there’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten holiday note. If you’re strapped for a holiday budget, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t skip out on a greeting card spree.


  1. It’s Better Than a Text

A holiday emoji won’t make up for the personalised touch of a hand-made greeting card. Even jotting down the same message on paper makes a more significant impact than your digital keyboard will.


If you don’t consider yourself to have a way with words, consider purchasing a witty card—just add a quick note.


  1. It Doubles as a Present

Yes, holiday greeting cards do count as a gift. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts and your recipient will know this when they read through your message.


  1. It’s an Excellent Way to Practice Hand Lettering

Do you have illegible penmanship? While font-worthy handwriting won’t do much for your CV, practising it can prevent troublesome chequebook mishaps. Start with this opportunity to get creative. It may also give you an excuse to finally bring out those calligraphy pens that are gathering dust on your desk.


  1. It Makes for Playful Decoration

You never know when your recipient will be happy to display your miniature art piece. Whether or not you have a way with a pen, nothing beats a bout of nostalgia like whipping out a 10-year-old handwritten holiday card.


  1. It’s Timeless

Nowadays, anything analogue is timeless—from disposable cameras, old school typewriters, and vinyl record players. Christmas cards are yet another player to add to this roster.

Because of today’s always-on nature, receiving snail mail in light of a digital greeting is often refreshing and an excellent time-honoured tradition.


  1. It’s Romantic

Of course, that’ll depend on who you’re sending snail mail to. If you’re summoning the courage to tell a special someone how you feel, IRL mail is a stand-out way to do so.

Imagine the apple of your eye going through your sweet nothings with a cup of cocoa in hand, snow falling, chestnuts roasting—what could be more quintessentially Christmas Romance than that?


  1. It’s Easy to Repurpose

If you’re sending mail to a few crafty individuals, you never know when you’ll come across your greeting card years later as part of a scrapbook-type art piece. Alternatively, your loved ones may have ample room on their fridge for anything other than a magnet.

If you receive any holiday snail mail, consider repurposing them into ornaments, decorative toppers, or garlands.


  1. It Indulges Pen Pal Habits

When was the last time you had a pen pal? Was it during your elementary years, when doing so was the norm? If you’re feeling sentimental, sending snail mail is a great way to encourage others to do the same—you might even get back into the habit of letter-writing altogether.



Why not leave 2020 behind with a gesture of gratitude that puts a smile on everyone’s face? A snail mail Christmas card with a little bit of personality will surely do the trick.

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