Hand lettering is a work of art. It is a reminder that even in a digital world, handcrafted objects are still treasured by many hearts. If you’re about to celebrate the holiday season, use hand lettering for your upcoming holiday cards to share with the ones you hold close to your heart.


Hand Lettering is Fun!

Don’t mix up hand lettering with handwriting. Hand lettering is a creative process, an artistic one, similar to those of sketching and doodling if you want to do it that way.

Of course, some professionals have trained years in this particular craft, but don’t let that thought scare you away from trying! It is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.


One Word Wonder!

You don’t have to write a full-blown sentence on your holiday cards. All you will ever need is a word or two. Use familiar words, such as love, joy, peace, and many more! Think of words that carry a message that you want to share. Remember, less is more, and there is much meaning, even in a single word.


How To Hand Letter

What things do you need to do hand lettering? A pencil, a pen, and a card! You can practice on a piece of paper so that you can show your best in your card. With all that set, here’s what you need to do: First, loosely draw your word. Create long and loopy descenders for letters like J and Y, and don’t pack them tightly together.

Once you’re happy, grab your pen and trace it out. After that, draw on top of the letter, creating second lines that flow down naturally. Taper the strokes when the motion starts going horizontal and fill the spaces between the first and second lines of any colour you want!

To make life easier, use a finer pen for smaller areas, and bigger ones for larger spots. Finally, add some extra designs, but remember, less is more!

When you’re drawing, draw parallel lines lightly to mark where your letters are going to be on the card. You can also draw a straight line down the middle to indicate the centre of the card. To know how tall your words will be, draw horizontal lines, one to indicate the top of the letter, the other for the bottom.

This way, you can centre the word correctly and make sure that the sizes are kept uniform. If your word has an even number of letters, the centre of the card will be empty. After you’re done with that, use a pen to trace it out, and fill the empty spaces with anything you want!

Remember, this is a free-hand activity and doesn’t have to be perfect. You want your card to look and made original! What matters is that you put your time and effort into creating these beautiful holiday cards. We’re sure that your recipients are going to be delighted to receive such a gift. One thing that you must remember is that less is more!

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