How Much Can a Valentine’s Card Reveal About You?

It’s no use pretending that Valentine’s Day is a holiday worth celebrating—unless of course you’ve found your partner and are blissfully in love. In terms of holiday rankings, it falls near the bottom, really. While it might seem counterintuitive, joining in and creating a Valentine’s Day card for the hell of it might just get the bitter singletons out of their funk.

A card can reveal plenty about a person. A short message messily scribbled onto the card might indicate someone who’s brimming with warm, fuzzy but is too cool to express them. Cards that are carefully decorated reveal a very particular person. But the ones that reveal the best (and arguably the worst) sides of people are the funny cards!

If you’re having a little trouble reading your Valentine this holiday season, then here’s a guide on how much a card can reveal about you and what that might be.


The Poet

The classic profession of love through a poetic verse or a carefully-penned love letter signifies that the sender is willing to take their time. If your Valentine has written you a lengthy sonnet, then it could very well mean that they’ve put their heart and soul into every word. In other words, they’re a keeper! This type of card tells your partner or potential love that you’re taking this relationship seriously and investing in it emotionally.

Many of these cards will start with an “although I don’t always say it…” kind of sentiment. Perhaps this Valentine isn’t the most expressive type but has taken their time to tell you in length during the most appropriate time of year. They’d rather show you than tell you verbally that they care, even if the relationship with them might seem a bit devoid of loving expressions.


Cutesy Animals

If there’s a Valentine who isn’t shy, then it’s the one that isn’t afraid to send cute animals for a romantic card. This type of card bears a lot of emotion, typically a very loving and enduring sentiment. Cherish this Valentine; they aren’t afraid to say how they feel about you!


Funny Breakup Cards

For some, Valentine’s Cards are just needlessly corny, cheesy, and stale. They often talk about lovey-dovey feelings reserved specifically for February 14th. Nobody wants to make a generic card! In the same way that your relationship with your partner is unique, you might as well give them something to remember, especially if they’re the flowers and chocolate receiving type who genuinely enjoys Valentine’s Day.

To spice things up a little, get your partner a breakup card. Remember, this isn’t something you should execute unless you have a good strategy and if you’re confident that your significant other has a good sense of humour. It may also take a bit of acting to pull off the breakup card. Whether or not you succeed, this is bound to be the most memorable Valentine’s Day you’ve spent with your love!


Funny Engagement Cards

Another variation to the funny card approach would be to present your long-time partner with a funny engagement card. There’s nothing funnier than pranking your significant other, and while you may have to prepare for payback time given the gravity of this trick, you might find that it’s almost worth the trouble. Just like the breakup card, act with utmost sincerity in your intentions to get engaged. Then, just as they open the card, they realise you were joking all along. Remember to proceed with caution!



Different cards say different things. They can tell your partner that you wear your heart on your sleeve, or they could be a subtle sign that you want to take things easy and just enjoy each other’s presence. However, nothing beats a funny card on the most romantic day of the year. Others might see breakup cards as mean, but it has probably reaffirmed to your significant other that you’re carefree, trusting, and a fun partner to be around more than anything else!

Getting your spouse a funny anniversary card on the most romantic day of the year will be a memorable experience for sure! Here at You Said It, we craft the perfect rude and funny greeting cards for your friends and family. For offensive but hilarious cards for this Valentine’s Day, contact us today to buy the bundle!