One of the best tools employed by successful firms and companies to retain dedicated clients and customers is personification. Personification is a powerful asset that has helped countless companies to come off as sincere when trying to reach out to customers, something especially important as today’s customers tend to be sceptical with anything that a “faceless corporation” says.


The psychology behind personification

Using personification has helped with growing meaningful partnerships and customer loyalty in a way that no other communication strategy or tool with the impression can achieve.

There are a variety of ways to make your attempts to communicate to client-partners and customers much more successful and meaningful with personification, such as with personalised mugs, tarpaulins, and t-shirts. However, there’s one mode of personification that has been making stronger impacts on clients and customers — something that is unlike anything else: personalised or customised greeting cards.


Explaining personalised cards

For most firms and companies, personalised greeting cards might be unfamiliar as compared to other types of gestures out there. Personalised greeting cards differ from the generic cards that go straight to the bin by using distinguishing features that help a customer or client feel the amount of importance that they hold in your eyes.

As opposed to yawn-worthy greeting cards that have plain-jane designs, pre-printed addresses, and cut-and-paste messages, personalised greeting cards will go straight onto your client’s corkboard, and into their minds as a reason why they should continue working with your business or firm.

Personalised cards typically contain more customised “handcrafted” messages that tend to hold a unique message relating to a special event, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays, or even significant sales. These thoughtful gestures help strengthen important details in the relationships that you have with your customers or clients, which tend to prove beneficial in the long run as the aspect of personification helps with the idea of customer retention. Going for this approach helps in giving off the impression that the card you’re sending them is about them and not you or your attempt to promote your business — a plus point for you in their eyes, for sure.

Companies that offer personalised cards will often allow you to go all-out on what you can alter or customise, such as choosing the message of the card, the design, the contact details of the message, and can a handwritten option for a more personal flair!


When and where should you use personalised cards?

While there might be many occasions to use personalised cards in, specific events or circumstances serve as a standard opportunity to send out heartfelt tokens of appreciation and concern which have proven to yield more loyal customers and sales as opposed to others. Here’s a list of occasions or circumstances during which you can send out customised greeting cards:

  • Birthdays or anniversaries
  • Major holidays that both you and your client or customer celebrate
  • Times where you can appreciate your customer for their continued patronage

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