The global pandemic has put people’s lives all over the world on hold. Everybody is ordered to stay inside their homes while we battle an invisible enemy. People are locked inside their homes with barely anything to do. If you’re celebrating your birthday in April, don’t worry. You can still have some memorable fun even if you can’t step outside and celebrate with all the people you’re close to.

Celebrate Online

Why don’t you set a time with your friends and have a celebration online? Cook some yummy food and have some wine while you’re at it. Video calls will make you feel closer to people. As early as now, tell your friends to set aside a specific time on your birthday to come online together and celebrate with you. Don’t forget to take snaps because this is definitely one for the books.


Have Good Food

Despite the lockdowns, there are still some restaurants that deliver food. On your birthday, why don’t you order food from some of your favourite restaurants? After all, it’s a special occasion. On the other hand, if you have enough stock in your pantry (you can always take a trip to the grocery store too), you may want to cook something special and eat it with the people you live with at home.


Help Others

Nothing beats being kind, and you be extra kind on your birthday! You can cook food for your neighbours or healthcare workers. You can also donate online and make it extra special as a way to celebrate your birthday. This way, you get to help others on your special day, which will make it even more memorable.

Even if there are limited things to do lately, you can still find ways to celebrate your birthday. Do the things listed above, and you’ll still have a memorable one.

On the other hand, if you know someone who’s turning a year old this month, and you want to make them feel special, you can always call them and celebrate with them through a video call. Furthermore, you can send them food to make them feel that you remember them despite the current restrictions.

Make them smile (or laugh) more by sending them rude birthday cards. Make sure that you’re really close with the celebrant before you send one, though! Online greeting cards sites are still operating despite lockdowns in many parts of the world, so why don’t you send one to a birthday celebrant?



Whether you’re celebrating your birthday this April or you know someone who will, you can still make it memorable amidst the health crisis. You just need to be a little bit more creative to make it happen. Cooking good food and doing online video conferences are the easiest things to do right now. Also, sending rude birthday cards for laughs is also a great idea.

As much as we are all adjusting to a new world these days, it’s still important to celebrate birthdays to remind us that some things will never change, and that’s a reassuring thing right now.

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