Sending out greeting cards remains as one of the most thoughtful and heartwarming things you can do to show a person you care about them and are thinking of them. But if you aren’t too keen with messages, you might have a challenging time trying to put what you’re feeling into words.

As a result, there’s a big chance you will turn towards the internet for inspiration, copying off of greeting card templates and writing cliché lines to complete your card and send it to your loved ones. But if you want to keep it authentic and prove that your greeting card still has a hint of you in it, it’s always better to be original!

If you want to give your family and friends a greeting card you took the time to think about, keep reading below to find out tips on writing the perfect message to come with it.


Talk About Small Achievements

Sending out a greeting card doesn’t have to only be during special occasions and significant milestones. Sometimes, it can simply indicate that you’re proud of someone for their small accomplishments.

If you don’t know what to write about and haven’t heard from the person in a while, you can begin the conversation by asking them how they’re doing. Remember that you aren’t required to send a birthday card when you don’t know when it is, or a congratulations card for an occasion in a person’s life you aren’t familiar with at all!


Make Your Message Personal

You don’t need to rely just on what’s already on your greeting card; you have to make an effort to create a personal note, especially if you’re close to the person you’re writing for. As much as possible, don’t write cliché wishes and messages—get in personal to really get to the heart of the matter!

You’re after the emotion you’re expecting the person to feel once they read your greeting card. As such, try to make it memorable for them and spend your time formulating a caring message that will remind that person why you’re still in each other’s lives in the first place.


Think of a Genuine Compliment

There’s nothing like brightening someone’s day with a compliment; after all, who doesn’t love being told something nice? It’s especially helpful if the recipient is having a bad day and you send them a greeting card during the perfect moment!

When throwing in a compliment with your love card, keep it short but sweet. Don’t overdo it to the point that the person ends up thinking you have a hidden agenda that’s why you’re giving them a card. A sincere compliment goes a long way towards reminding people that you appreciate them.


Get Crafty and Be Creative

You aren’t obliged to adhere to specific rules when crafting a message for your greeting card. There is no official word count or format you need to follow, nor is there a template you have to apply every time you make a card! Instead, it’s the time when you can get creative and write whatever you want, so long as you focus on making the person feel loved.



As much as you can, the greeting card messages you make should be real and heartfelt. That way, the person receiving them will appreciate your message more despite receiving a simple good luck card. Remember, when formulating your note, talk about the small achievements, create a personal message, add a genuine compliment, and let loose and get creative!

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