The art of writing letters and sending greeting cards has slowly lost its way in the digital world. At present, people prefer reaching out to their loved ones via email, direct messages, and social media posts. Despite this convenience, there are still those that believe in the authenticity of handwritten cards—after all, it takes a bit more effort and thought to create one!

Instead of sending out a group message saying thank you to all your friends and loved ones over your social media accounts, a handwritten thank you card will be much appreciated. And it doesn’t have to be too hard to come up with a simple message, just write what you think about the person, and you’re good to go!

If you’re having some trouble with what to write, however, then you’re in luck! Below, we’ve provided some examples to produce a personal thank you note that’s based on a formula containing three parts and offers fantastic results.


Start with an Introduction

When writing a thank you card, always begin with the person’s name. You can state their first or last name or even their nickname, depending on how close you are with the person. Including their name on the letter, aside from writing it on the envelope, shows your thoughtfulness and will make the reader feel good. It shows that you recognise the person and aren’t just sending out letters to everyone!


Some Introduction Examples:

“Dearest Grandma Jane,”

“Greetings, Michael and Sarah!”

Followed by your message, celebrating and giving thanks to what they’ve offered you. The reason for sending back a thank you note is because you appreciate the product or service from them and want to tell them how exactly it has helped you or affected you.


Some Sample Intros:

“Thank you so much for the Christmas sweaters! My family loved it.”

“Thank you for sending over your specialty ham. My kids couldn’t get enough of it!”


Include an Optimistic Remark

Aside from thanking the person for what they gave you, it’s essential to include a heartwarming detail about it to add a personal touch to your message.


Some Sample Messages:

“We all couldn’t wait till Christmas that we’ve been wearing it since the eve and continue to take family pictures in each corner of the house!”

“The sauce is also to die for. You have got to teach me the secret to your recipe next time!”


Say Something Genuine

Let the person know you’re grateful for them by either enumerating the reasons why you appreciate them or complimenting them about something they’ve done that you admire them for. By doing so, the focus isn’t on your thank you note but rather, on the person who gave you the gift. Sending out a message of recognition shows how much you care and improves your relationship in the long run.


Some Sample Messages:

“I’m really glad to call you my grandma. You remind me of Christmas, warm hugs, and soft kisses.”

“I’m so grateful my wife Linda and I became neighbours with you. You guys are wonderful people, and without you around, we’re sure the neighbourhood would be less exciting and fun.”


End with Gratitude

Your thank-you note wouldn’t be complete without ending it with another hint of gratitude.


Some Sample Messages:

“I’m so grateful you exist.”

“Thank you for you and for our beautiful friendship.”

End your note by sealing it with love. Sign your name at the very end as well.


Some Sample Endings:



Yours truly,



Showing someone you appreciate them by writing them a personal letter highlights a more profound meaning that digital interaction can’t seem to prove. The magic of gratifying messages continues to win over people’s hearts and leave a smile on their faces.

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