Holidays are the best times to give and check up on your family members across the country or even the globe! If you are thinking about what kind of card you want to send to your family members, here are some of our tips to really up your card game!


Add a picture

The best cards are the ones with pictures, of course! Whether it’s of you and your lover, you and your family, friends, or even of your cat, it’ll be a huge hit! It’ll also be a great way to show your grandma how much you’ve grown. Snap a quick picture and slip it into your card after you write your message, sign it, and mail it off!

The letter

You’ll definitely want to include a letter to your family member or friend letting them know that you’re thinking about them. Don’t write a novel, but also don’t just write a boring “Happy Holidays!” or it’s going to get thrown in the trash. You want to keep your card note short, sweet, and simple, yet still thoughtful. Give everyone a little life update if you want, but also let them know that you’re thinking about them.


Draw a picture

If you have kids in the house or enjoy making art, put a little creativity into it and draw the card yourself! This could make the person who receives it feel really special and will really show that you put a lot of effort into it. If you have your child draw the whole card or on the card, it could be something that grandma and grandpa cherish forever.


Write a poem

Get your creative juices flowing and really think your message through. Write your loved one a poem that you made by yourself on the spot. Make sure it’s meaningful & put some thought and feeling into it.


Cute stationery

This is the best time to use that adorable stationery you once bought a while ago but never got the chance to use. If you’ve got some unique paper, envelopes, ribbons, and other paper crafts lying around, this is a great opportunity to put it to use. Create your own unique card rather than just buying it at a store.


Seal it in wax

You can create your own wax seal to put a classic finishing touch on your letter. Not only will this make your letter feel fancy, but it will also personalise and give a vintage feel to your letter. Adding a beautiful festive wax seal might also be a good idea.



Decorate your letter from the outside, just like you do the inside. Add ribbons, a sticker, draw something with some fun pens; do something creative that will make it stand out in the pile of holiday letters.