Honestly, some people fall out of love, and that’s okay. If you feel like you and your partner aren’t really in good terms, it’s time to consider your options. There are just two choices, though: make a compromise, or you pack your bags.

Look, you just can’t wait for things to get worse sometimes. If it gets to the point of lying, cheating or any other horrors, it will be just a complete mess to go through. Here are some tell-tale signs and red flags that are signalling you to just go and get away from someone.

When You’re Just Plain Annoyed All the Time

It’s normal to have some small quarrels, and little pet peeves triggered when you’re dating someone. Sometimes, it still exists in that space when you’re already married. Someone leaves the toilet seat up, and the other eats the chocolates you’ve been trying to hide for dessert.

It can be endearing and funny the first few times, but it can quickly get to the point where you don’t know if your boundaries are still being respected. If you find that you’re irritated seven days a week, and you can’t remember the last time you weren’t annoyed, consider running away.


When Your Efforts Aren’t Appreciated

When one person is going through a rough patch, the other person doubles their love and affection to support that person. That type of dynamic is understandable and often commendable when dealing with the daily stress of life.

Does it feel like you’re giving a lot more of yourself in the relationship than your partner? Does it seem like they aren’t grateful when you uplift them? Do they ever do the same when you’re down? Sometimes, when efforts are unmatched, it’s a little nod about who loves who more in the relationship. It doesn’t sit well with some to carry the relationship all the time.


When Your Goals Are

Sometimes, you only realise how different you are from someone when you’re finally with them. Maybe it’s about where you want to live, or perhaps it’s about starting a family. There are so many factors where people can disagree, and people in a relationship are no exception.

It’s just that there are cases where a person can want more things than the other person. It’s never a terrible or toxic thing, especially if their viewpoints are perfectly valid. However, a conflict of interest can sometimes be the deciding factor in whether you want to keep the relationship going.


When You’re Just Unsatisfied

And we don’t just mean dissatisfaction in the bedroom. You might have gotten into a relationship thinking of rollercoasters of emotions, but every day ends a little dull. It will feel like you’re looking for something more in a relationship. There aren’t any problems, but you think some sort of unhealthy absence that’s keeping you a little unhappy.

Perhaps it’s a little one-sided as you aren’t being prioritised as much as you are prioritising him or her. Or it is just a classic case that you’re bored and aren’t prepared to settle down after all. Or it’s as easy as saying he or she wasn’t the one for you.



There aren’t grand reasons for relationships ending sometimes. It’s a simple case of things not working out. Breaking up doesn’t have to be all unfortunate. The best-case scenario is both lovers wishing the other well on their life journey without hating each other.

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