During a difficult time like having to deal with losing someone important, nobody wants to go through the period on their own. Sending a sympathy card may seem like a small thing to do, but it could show the recipient that at least somebody cares about them. When you want to show your sympathy and condolences to someone, making your own sympathy card coveys a more genuine feeling than one that you buy from a store. If you have never made a card before, here’s how to make a thoughtful sympathy card that will remind the recipient that they have people who care.


Pick the right colour

This is an essential factor in making a sympathy card. If you choose flashy colours like pink or orange, it might seem disrespectful to the recipient. For a sympathy card, you need to use colours that present sadness such as black, navy blue, or purple. That being said, if you want to use a specific colour that has a meaningful message to the recipient, then it is acceptable.


Design a simple and elegant card

Stuffing as many decorations as possible onto a card is not an appropriate choice for a sympathy card. You want to keep it simple and elegant. It is acceptable to add some flowers onto the card, but you shouldn’t add glitter or drawings. Too many decorations would distract the recipient’s attention away from the message.


Express your thoughts through the message

When you write a message for the card, you should draft it and express your deepest condolence through those words. You should try to avoid writing messages like ‘I know how you feel’ or ‘you’ll be fine’. These sentences don’t make anyone feel better. You should try to write something personal or sentimental, particularly if you know the recipient well. Writing messages like ‘thinking of you’ or ‘my thoughts and prayers are with you’ will be more appropriate for this type of card.


Make it personal

As we mentioned earlier, you should try to write a brief story about the person that the recipient lost or share memories that you have about them. Making the card personal is extra thoughtful and the recipient will surely appreciate your effort and messages. If you want to take it further, you can attach an old photo to the card for them to keep. Since you make the card yourself, you can add things or make the card personal as much as you want.


Think about the type of paper

If your sympathy card becomes important to the recipient, they most likely want to keep it. Make sure that you choose the type of paper that preserve the colours and text on the card so that when they take it out to reread it, everything will stay put. If you don’t know which type of paper to use for your card, look for acid-free paper.


Personalize shop-bought cards

If you really don’t have time to buy the materials and make the card from scratch, you can buy one from a shop and try to personalize it. At the card shop, there should be sympathy cards with blank space on the inside. You can write down your messages and sentiments. Although it might not feel as personal as one that was handmade, it is a good compromise. Remember – it is the thought that counts. Most recipients don’t want any fancy sympathy cards; they just want to know that somebody is thinking about them.

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