Have you ever made cutouts and folds on pieces of paper to make it pop up? The same can be applied to your photos! After all, when you take a picture, you take something three-dimensional and squeezing it onto a two-dimensional space. When you create a pop-up photo, you’re bringing it back to three-dimensions.

Of course, we’re exaggerating, but pop-up photos are awesome to look at, not to mention fun to make. Just keep in mind that it might not turn out nice on your first go, or maybe even after your third. However, you’ll get better after each try, and after many attempts, you’ll get the hang of it.

With that said, here’s how you can create singular and multiple image pop-up cards:


  1. Singular Image Pop-Up Cards

If you’re a beginner, a singular image pop-up card is great practice, not to mention that it looks great as well.

To pull off this type of pop-up card, you’ll need to print the same pictures at least twice. When we say singular, we only mean a kind of photo. You’ll still utilize multiple of the same images to create that three-dimensional effect. These different layers of the image will act as the various levels in the background, the foremost layer being the main subject of the picture.

For example, imagine you have a picture of a house. Cut around the outline of the house. Now, we’ll try to achieve that pop-up effect. Cut a strip of paper to hold the cut piece. Remember, the bigger the piece of paper, the more separated it will be from the background image, which is the second image.

To turn the whole thing into a card, grab the second picture, and paste it onto the card. Make sure that you can still fold it in two to allow you to write a message and close the card. Place the cut piece of the house at the crease of the fold. Then, with the strip of paper folded into a square, stick one side to the cut image and the other to the bottom of the card. When you fold the card, the square will fall flat. When you open the card, it will form a pop-up. Stick the final side to the background to keep it in place, and you’re done!


  1. Multi-Image Pop-Up Card

If you want to show multiple images at once, such as wedding photos, there is a way to make them all pop out as well.

First, select the images you want to showcase and arrange it in a grid-like pattern. You can do this with software, arranging all the pictures. You will fold along the outer edges of the columns of pictures, so ensure that they’re aligned well. For example, when you lay the folded pictures flat, it should look like a “W.”

With that done, fold the paper to recreate the “W” shape when laid flat. Then, cut between the edges of the pictures horizontally, but not all the way. With the centrepiece almost free, fold it inwards, with the side edges keeping the pictures intact. Now, place the image onto a card, with the inwardly folded centre picture taped to the crease of the card. Tape the other parts of the card to ensure that it stays in place.

We hope you’ve had plenty of fun trying to create a pop-up card. They’re great for any occasion, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and so on. The single-image ones are great to send as singular cards, while the multi-image ones are great to summarize a special event.

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