We all have that go-to friend that we always disturb if we need a place to crash after a fight with mom, if we broke up with a boyfriend, or if we have new gossip to share. Sometimes we forget to remind them that they are special and that we appreciate their presence in our lives. Saying thank you is mediocre. Why not level up how you can give thanks by giving a Thank you card to make it more memorable for them.

If you are looking for ideas on how you can express how much you appreciate them, here are some tips you can apply that will make your thank-you be appreciated and be treasured forever.


  1. Express Your Gratitude Through a Letter

You need to summon your inner sweetness to express that gratitude effectively. Jotting down what you truly feel towards a friend is a helpful way to make them feel appreciated. Your letter can also help lighten up their mood and give them some energy to go through the day. You may opt to add up some gifts as a token of appreciation, or it can be a gift certificate, a gift card, or her favorite basket of food and treats.


  1. Show Your Efforts Through Handwritten Notes

A cute way that can make their heart melt is by writing your thank you notes by yourself. Since store-bought cards are available nowadays, handwritten notes can show that your thanks are sincere. You also have an option to do this on your store-bought gift cards to add that personalized feel. If you want to make it extra special, add some creativity by putting some pretty stationery.


  1. Describe How You See Them Using Cute Sticky Notes

A word of affirmation and praise is one way to show them how much they add value to your life. By describing them, you are letting them know how you see them, making it really heartwarming and reassuring. Do not be afraid to compliment them even with a word or two to encourage them when they are having a bad day.


  1. Apologies with Thanks

Sometimes, you are not aware that you are unintentionally offending or hurting them. Your thank-you note can always include some apologies to show that you value your friendship. Don’t let another day go by after a disagreement or action that can drive a wedge between you and your friend.



You can always look for sample friendship notes over the internet. However, there is no better way to express your gratitude than to speak your mind and heart out using your own words. Making your Thank You note special is when you can make your friend feel appreciated and valued no matter how ugly and unclear your letter is. Indeed, it is the thought that counts and weighs most.

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