It’s important to say ‘thank you’ because someone chose to do something in a certain way. This act of good deed and the time it took to perform the deed need appreciation. In this case, people had a choice not to get you a gift on your special day, but they did. Whether they did it because of getting invited to the party, or that they’re simply good-hearted people, they deserve to be thanked upon.

Pure gratitude and acknowledgement from you will brighten their day and make them believe that their effort was worth the while. Say ‘thank you’ in the best way you can.

It will be unforgettable if you’re going to do a handwritten ‘thank you’ note. An email will do just fine, but nothing really beats an old-fashioned snail mail with your words of gratitude inside. If this is your first time penning one, let this article be your guide.


What to remember

You should expect this activity to be tedious. That’s because you will have to write ‘thank you’ to everyone who gave gifts on your special day. What’s more tedious than that is your message should be unique to each person. You can’t write one ‘thank you’ note for all. Everything should be personal. If you don’t know what to say, anchor your message on the item they gave and how it will help you in your life.


  • If you think this is too overwhelming to complete, you can always ask someone to help you. If you have to send out more than ten ‘thank you’ notes, ask your friend to jot down the sender’s name and place it beside the item he or she gave. The process will make it easier for you to frame the personal message for each person.


  • If you received the gift through the mail, you may send an email to the sender, acknowledging the receipt of the item. However, you still need to send a handwritten ‘thank you’ note for making the sender feel your appreciation, even when you’re miles away.


  • You can be thoughtful in your thank you reply, or you can go straight to the point. Say ‘thank you’ to the right person you’re supposed to say it to. Be specific about why you’re thanking the person too. For example, you should say, “Thank you for this plane ticket to the Bahamas. What a generous gift! It’s been a dream of mine to go there. Thank you for making it happen.” You can’t just leave it at, “Thank you for the generous gift.” That’s because the person will feel like his or her gifts are unappreciated.


  • It’s also an essential thing to remember that even when you don’t like the gift, you still need to thank the giver. That’s because he or she spent time and money to give you something.


  • A thank you note can be simple. But if you have more to say, you are more than welcome to write a long thank you letter. Tell the giver how you will make use of the gift. If it’s a simple bottle of wine, you can say, “Thank you for the bottle of wine! This will be great to cook with.”


  • The tone of your message should match the kind of relationship you have with the giver. For example, if it’s for a friend, the tone should be friendlier or more intimate as opposed to saying ‘thank you’ to your boss. If you’re not sure how a funny message will be perceived, don’t risk being funny. That’s because you might offend the receiver of your letter.


These are just some tips that can help you with the ‘thank you’ notes you need to write to your givers. These tips are simple to follow and easy to remember, making your first ‘thank you’ handwriting experience smooth and easy.

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