Giving and sending Christmas cards sounds like a bit of an outdated thing to do in a world of instant messaging and social media. You might even remember the days of ecards that were sent via email. After all, why go through sending a physical card through the post when it’s so convenient to send your holiday greetings online?

Although there may not appear to be any practical sense in it, the sentimental value is different when you receive a card. It’s tangible proof that someone took time out of their day to pick one out, write in it, and mail it to you. If that doesn’t show that they care for you, especially during the holidays, then what will?

Sending cards out to your loved ones will make their Christmas a little brighter. While it’s quite straightforward, there’s still some etiquette you should follow when writing and sending your cards to make sure they are well-received.


  1. Personalise your cards with your handwriting and a sense of humour

Generic cards and messages are a thing of the past where they belong. These days, a personalised message on your Christmas card will go a long way in making your family and friends feel special. The message doesn’t have to be different for each person, but it does help if you write it yourself—yes, in your own handwriting! Adding a bit of decoration or calligraphy is also a nice touch.

If you want to spice things up and give your closest relatives and friends a card to remember, choosing a funny Christmas card design will surely make them laugh. They won’t be throwing that card out until next Christmas!


  1. Send a real card, not an ecard!

No, e-cards do not count as real Christmas postcards. They may seem like a great substitute, but the point of a physical card is to make the extra effort in the spirit of Christmas.

Plus, personalising an e-card isn’t quite the same as the real thing. There are many options for personalised cards today, and you can find them in any bookstore or stationery shop. Some will even have custom services available.


  1. Mail your cards early, but not too early

Cards should be arriving in their recipients’ mailboxes no later than mid-December, so you should probably start sending them out as early as mid-November. This gives you and the post office ample time to get the cards out to everybody on or before Christmas day. Get ahead of the busiest time of year and mail those cards out early.


  1. Know when to send Christmas cards to colleagues

There’s a good balance to strike between staying professional and being friendly. If you’re quite friendly with your coworker but haven’t been introduced to his family or have gone out for a meal or drinks on more than one occasion, it’s safest to keep the card professional.

Avoid giving out cards at the office as your other colleagues—who didn’t receive a card from you—might be affronted that you couldn’t spare a card for them. Besides, receiving a card in the mail is part of the tradition. When in doubt, mail the card to their homes.


  1. Have fun!

Most of all, have fun with sending out your Christmas cards. There are many ways that you can change it up to fit your own traditions, especially if you’ve got a family with a great sense of humour. There are all sorts of cards out on the market, including quirky and even rude Christmas cards! If your family and friends might find that truly hilarious, make their Christmas more memorable by sending them a funny card.



Traditions are part of the holidays, and it’s up to you on how you want to celebrate it! One tradition that is still alive today is that of exchanging a thoughtful Christmas card. By sending each other personalised messages, there’s a greater sense of closeness and care that is characteristic of the winter cheer and holiday spirit.

Sometimes traditional greeting cards aren’t going to make the cut, but sending loved ones the perfect rude card might just make them laugh! Here at You Said It Cards, we offer a wide range of funny and offensive Christmas cards, birthday greetings, and anniversary cards—just name the event, and we have the perfect one. To know more about all the cards we offer, visit our website today!