Significant events in your life, such as an upcoming wedding, a baby shower, or graduation often come with parties that involve people you are close to. At these events, it’s essential to be with the guests and express your gratitude for them being there, and sending cards within three months after the event is a great way to extend your appreciation fully. On the other hand, if you will be sending cards for gifts that were given during these events, the cards should be sent within three weeks.

Despite enjoying the thought of those happy moments, unfortunate events are still inevitable, such as a death or illness of a loved one. During these difficult periods, people you’re close to would let you know that they’re thinking of you and that they’re there for you. However, it’s also understandable that while you’re at the thick of things, you may not be in the mood to write out thank you cards or even acknowledge their kind thoughts.

The thing is, you should still thank these people, especially if they have helped you significantly through these hard times. If you can’t send out a card by yourself, you can ask a friend or a family member to do it for you instead. Don’t get pressured, as there is no specific timeframe to get those cards out; just do them when you are able.

Another event in your life that you can send out this greeting material is following a job interview. Even if you’re unsure whether you’re getting the job or not, a thank you card is a great way to express your gratitude for the person who took their time to talk with you. You can send a card via email within 48 hours, but if you plan to send it through snail mail, it’s best to write your message right after the interview.


What You Should Remember about Thank You Cards

Regardless of the situation, sending thank you cards relies on several factors. For one, the timing should be done right. No matter the size of the gift or support you received, sending a simple thank you as quickly as you can is always best so that you won’t forget to do so. Another thing is, don’t overthink the message; keeping it simple and mentioning what you’re thankful for is always enough.

If you’re also feeling up for it, you can add extras to your thank you message by personalising it. You can decorate the envelope, or even have it delivered with a bouquet of flowers.

Before you send it out, however, remember to do a spell-check, especially on the names of the recipients. Also, be sure not to overdo your message. For example, if someone treats you for a cup of coffee, sending them a dozen of flowers might be going overboard, and you might make the person feel uncomfortable.



When it comes to sending thank you cards, regardless of the event, the timing and the message are the most essential elements to consider. Be sure to do it as quickly as you can, and keep the message simple. You don’t need to write a long letter just to make the person feel your gratitude for their gift or support because the card itself is already an expression of your thankfulness.

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