Losing something you care about is an experience you would not want to go through, and the same is the case when you hear a close friend or family member witness this. Unfortunately, it seems to be a grim reality for many as the global pandemic and increased health risks continue to skyrocket. Worse, many are often isolated and left to process these tough emotions by themselves due to social distancing measures, leading them to be depressed. Luckily, you can show them they are not alone. Use this article as your guide to be more empathetic during these difficult times.

  1. Try to call them when they are ready

Because we are living in the age of technology and social media, it’s pretty easy to reach out to others and check on them. On the downside, being bombarded with online content, societal pressures, and current events is not something grieving people would want to expose themselves to, especially if they are reminded of the one who passed away. It’s even a common occurrence on Facebook, wherein the platform can show old photos through the Memories feature, further affecting your grieving friend or family member.

Thus, many people nowadays who have lost a loved one would want to stay away from technology for a while. Luckily, you can either call or video chat when they are ready. It’s a great way to process what happened, and maybe even have a chance to cry together if you also were close to the one who passed. Just ensure you pace yourselves during calls since wallowing in emotions together may not be helpful.


  1. Attend the online funeral service

The new normal for many who are grieving would either have a purely virtual event to remember the loved one they lost or can have a hybrid event wherein some can actually go to the ceremonial event to remember the departed, while others watch through livestreaming. Sadly, many often don’t have the chance to show their genuine sympathy because hugging and other close-contact gestures are not recommended since they may lead to virus spread.

To ensure safety and adhere to health guidelines, you should opt to go to the online funeral service if there will be one. Some also have group debriefing calls to remember who they lost, often becoming highly emotional video calls due to the lack of social interaction and the heaviness of the situation. But since the pandemic is still upon us, this online means is the best we can do for now.


  1. Send your words of encouragement

If you have heard of the term love languages, which is a phase to show your affirmation for someone, you may be compelled to do this to show you care about going through the loss of a loved one. The love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, and acts of service.

The problem with this approach is most conventional actions are not permissible. Luckily, you can use appropriate greeting cards, a tender combination of the love language of gifts and words of affirmation. You can even brighten up their mood with some funny cards, especially if they are in the process of feeling better. This simple yet thoughtful gesture is a great way to show care. Who knows, you may even receive thank you cards in return for showing your sympathy,



Losing a loved one is tough on anybody, but you can show your care for others closest to you as they go through this. They may even feel your warm intent as if you were there with them, holding their hand during this difficult time. Remember, these small acts of kindness ensure all within your circle is cared for and heard.

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