A card shower is organising a plan to send cards to one person from various people. The cards may be to celebrate, comfort, give thanks, or encourage. A card shower is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, graduation, and personal milestones. Doing it for your loved one will make them feel truly special.

Here are some great ideas for a card shower:


Baby Card Shower

If you can’t attend a baby shower, but you still want to organise something for a mom-to-be, a baby card shower is a great idea. Surprise her with a card shower, and you will be able to make her feel your love for her before the big day. She’s going to need that push!


Say Thanks

Do you know someone who has been proactive in the community? It could be a doorman or your favourite cashier at the grocery. It could also be someone that you interact at the office who’s been tirelessly helping everyone. Show them your gratitude by throwing them a card shower, which they will appreciate for sure. It will also help boost their morale because their jobs can get really tiring.


So, if you’re thinking of hosting a card shower for someone, here are some tips:

  1. Straighten out the details – When do you plan do have the card shower and what’s the occasion? You can also decide where you want the shower to be or where it should be mailed.
  2. Invite people – The thing about throwing a card shower for someone is that you should be willing to reach out to people you don’t know. These include the people they are close to that you haven’t met yet. You can find out about that by checking out their social account or asking a family member or their best friend.
  3. Send instructions – When you already have the list of the card shower participants, it’s time to send them specific instructions on what to do. Be as detailed as much as possible. You can also refer them to a shop where they can get cool cards that they can send to you.

Any situation can become an occasion for a card shower. Indeed, celebrations are the most common, but a card shower will be great when someone is going through a tough time. The card shower will definitely be an excellent way to lift their spirits.



The thing about cards is that since everyone can send a simple text message to say thanks, congratulate, or send some encouragement, cards are more personalised, which makes them feel extra special. It’s also something unexpected that the person you will throw a card shower for will genuinely appreciate it.

Cards are here to stay despite the digital revolution, and there are plenty of places where you can get all types of cards. Cards have evolved—you can now find a wider variety of cards to choose from. You can get rude new home cards, offensive retirement cards, and breakup cards. There are just so many out there that can make a person laugh and feel loved. If you want to send a message in a more special way, a card shower will be amazing.

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