As everybody’s favourite holiday rolls around, generic red-and-pink, heart-decorated cards will fill the shelves and displays of shops to proclaim “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Some critics may ask if such a thing truly exists. Valentine’s Day seems like a load of hogwash meant to make singles feel out of place, only there to take advantage of the capitalist agenda of making more money off chocolates and flowers.

While valid—and definitely applicable to other holidays too, mind you—there are ways to make Valentine’s Day truly memorable in a non-traditional sense! The way to your partner’s heart shouldn’t be through a mass-produced card with no personality. Writing them a funny card they’ll surely remember can add something truly special to this over-commercialised holiday.


Unconventional Routes to Love Messages

When it comes to good holiday cards, personalisation is the way to go. It may seem old-fashioned or cheesy, but writing the letter by hand will show how much effort you’ve taken to make your partner feel special—or even offended, if you’re brave enough to take that route!

Even if you’re composing a rude message to make them laugh, writing it will make it feel more genuine and special. The same goes for writing a sincere love note—which many can opt to do!

To really give your partner Valentine’s Day to remember, you may even want to prank them with a breakup card with a “just kidding!” on the back in very, very fine print. While it may leave them distressed or even angry, these feelings will be temporary—and they’ll soon come around to celebrate the famous couple’s day with you with a laugh or two over the card!


Gathering the Right Materials

If you’re going to take the unconventional route with your love message, then you might as well go all the way with its delivery. A half-baked funny card doesn’t deliver the same impact as one that has pulled out all the stops.

You don’t need to be an expert in calligraphy for a great-looking card, but putting some thought into making it presentable and memorable enough to keep will help you pull this off successfully. Decorate it nicely, but don’t go overboard.

Don’t make the mistake of producing a red and pink card either; choose something your partner will like, such as a muted hue of their favourite colour. Take your time to plan out the writing space in the card so it can deliver your message, whether rude or sweet, effectively!


Draft Your Message

One-liners are great for funny and offensive cards, but part of the satisfaction of dragging out a message is for the reader to reach the punchline at the end. It’s best to draft out your Valentine’s Day message to ensure you get the delivery just right.

Writing up a draft and revising it may take more time than just thinking of a witty one-liner, but it will be more worth it when your partner goes through the card on this special day.


Starting and Finishing Your Card

To keep a good element of surprise, start your card the way you normally would; you don’t want to ruin the surprise by using greetings that are out of character for you. Whether it’s your pet name for your partner or a simple but catchy, “Hey there,” be sure to start with something appropriate.

Ending your letter will depend on the punchline if there is one. Sometimes that’s all you’ll need, but to keep things simple, simply affixing your name or nickname at the end will suffice for any card.



You may feel pressure to provide your loved one with a Valentine’s Day card to make them feel special, but it doesn’t mean you should go with generic and forgettable. Writing a card that makes your partner laugh or even cry (imagine giving a divorce card!) will be far more memorable than the one you can pick up at any old bookstore. Whether you choose to buy or make a unique greeting card, you’re sure to show your thoughtfulness in a non-conventional way as you celebrate the best parts of love during this overrated but equally lovely holiday.

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