Tearing your hair out trying to figure out what to write on the greeting card for your new next-door neighbour? If so, do not worry. Many people also struggle with making an excellent first impression with their neighbours. Fortunately, it does not have to be anything too complicated. Even the simplest of messages can help the neighbour feel welcome. It will even help them feel grateful to have such a caring neighbour such as you.

With that said, here are some housewarming messages you can write on your card for your new neighbour:


  1. Messages for a friend

If the person that just moved in is a friend of yours, you can be warmer and more personal with the message you write. For example, rather than simply writing a message that says, “Dear friend, it’s nice to have you around,” write something a little warmer such as “Dear Josh, I’m ecstatic that you’re my new neighbour!” As you can see, the latter message shows a lot more friendliness. Remember, this is a friend you are writing to, so you can be as informal as you want.

If you are close enough to joke around or be rude to each other, feel free. Once again, carefully consider your relationship with that friend and write accordingly!


  1. Messages to a stranger

If your new next-door neighbour is not someone you know, you will have to maintain a tone of respect to get on their good side. Such a message can sound like “Dear Johnson Family, welcome to the neighbourhood and your new home. We hope you like it here, and we are definitely grateful to have you!” As you can see, it is as simple as showing that you are happy to have them in the neighbourhood.

Note that if you do not know the neighbour’s name or are unsure, you can always write “Hello, Neighbours” or anything along those lines. This ensures that you do not misspell their name or get it wrong, which can be quite embarrassing.


  1. Messages for a family member

Is your sister, brother, or any other family member your new neighbour? You can write personal messages! However, keep in mind to not write anything too personal. There is always a chance that someone else will read it, and you would not want to embarrass yourself.

With that, the messages you write can be anything such as “Hey Sis, welcome to your new home! I am happy that you found yourself a new home, next to mine, no less. Let us meet up after you’ve settled down over some tasty food!” Since they are family, you should be writing based on your relationship with them.



In summary, write what you feel is best. Whether they are a stranger or a close friend, anything heartwarming can be something they need to feel welcome in a new home and neighbourhood. Now, if you want to add something that will make their day, consider adding a bit of humour! Everyone likes a good giggle or laugh. You might just give them the best first impression of yourself.

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