During this pandemic, everyone is required to self-isolate and practice social distancing. Many people are trying to recover from the disease and other health conditions on their own. However, some people are facing challenges that compromise their emotional and mental well-being during this trying time.

During this pandemic, the silver lining is that people are starting to be more creative about how they could reach out to their loved ones and make them laugh. Some people are even sending rude get well cards to friends to help make them laugh.

When you focus on laughter and joy, it helps you cope when you’re stuck in the middle of a crisis. The thing about laughter is that it is contagious. When one person laughs, everybody else in the room laughs with them. If you’re thinking of ways to send your loved one a gift during this time, why not send them a gift of laughter? Here are three great ways to send a bit of funny to your loved ones:

  1. Find the funny side of life’s chaos

Being stuck in a pandemic is already stressful and quite heavy for a lot of people. Sometimes, what people do to cope is by distracting themselves from reality by cleaning out their entire homes. Laughter combats stress, and when you’re able to fight in and change your perspective on where you are now, you’ll instantly be in a better mood.

One way to help you find the fun in life’s absurdities is by calling a friend and talking to them. Aside from being extremely therapeutic, you’ll laugh about the situation in a more playful way.

Unfortunately, situations like this pandemic are something that is out of your control. What you can control is how you see your life. By injecting a bit of laughter and fun, you’ll instantly feel lighter and have a more positive outlook.


  1. Fill in the hours of your day with fun things to do

The pandemic has taught many people to be more creative and conscious about their time. Many have noticed how much hours fill the day, especially when they’re stuck at home.

One way to combat stress and find ways to find joy and laughter is by sending or even creating rude get well cards to your friends and loved ones. People who are sick often find it challenging to see the light and fun in their situation. This is incredibly understandable. Getting ill and dealing with mental stress is no joke. However, what you can do is help change the way they feel about themselves.

When you send funny cards, you’ll remind them that life will always be full of chaos and that finding the funny is an excellent way to cope.


  1. Recalibrate the way you see life

Everybody is stuck at home trying to recover, or they’re still in the middle of a battle with the virus. There’s only so much you can do from a distance, and sending laughter medicine would help them go through their struggles with ease.

Reframing the way you see life right now can be a bit difficult. Still, when you remind your loved ones to find the joy in the tiniest things and laugh at the most mundane moments, it will help them get through this situation better. This will also help them have a more positive and lighter mood during these times.



Dealing with the virus is incredibly difficult, but dealing with the virus alone is much more challenging. The best way to remind the people you care about them and that you’re with them is by sending a bit of love and laughter. Rude get well cards or calls to help inject a bit of fun in their days will help them cope better. If there’s anything you want to spread during this pandemic, it shouldn’t be the virus. Instead, make sure you’re spreading laughter and joy.

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