Not many people love the idea of getting old, but some enjoy the privilege of living to such an age that they would be proud to announce it to the world. If you have a loved one who is nearing retirement, consider throwing a retirement party for them. Your loved one will surely appreciate the idea.

You can take this opportunity to celebrate their life and their milestones, especially if they are planning to leave the country to explore many great things in the world. It would be the best time for everyone to show their appreciation for them while having fun at the same time.

To help you plan out, here are three things that you should include in your loved one’s retirement party:


  1. A nostalgic theme associated with the celebrant

Parties are more fun and exciting with themes. With that said, you should choose a theme for your loved one’s retirement party that they will surely love. Choose a theme that speaks about their personality.

There are many themes that you can do, including:

  • A 50s picnic party – To help them relive the era that they were born into, you can have a relaxed and comfy party set, delicious picnic snacks and desserts, and a cute photo booth. You can also request guests to wear 50s-inspired attire to make it feel more real.


  • A travel theme party – This would be great if the celebrant plans to travel during their retirement years. Just grab some photos of famous world wonders and tourist destinations and pin them on walls to let your loved one and their guests enjoy the moment.

You can also make a theme based on their favourite movie, sport, or artist. Just remember that your goal here is to make the celebrant feel that this is their night.


  1. A creative and personalised cake

You can never go wrong with a delicious and well-designed cake for any occasion. When throwing a retirement party for your loved one, make sure to make the cake creative and personalised. You can match it with the theme of the party or have it completely different.

Whichever you choose, make sure that the cake will resonate with the retiree. Make it as “extra” as it can get. Your loved one will surely appreciate it and thank you for it.


  1. Funny retirement cards

Lastly, to make the party more memorable, request their guests to give the retiree funny retirement cards that they can keep for years, even on their travel journeys. Greeting cards can be a great gift for them, especially if they plan to travel across the world as these will keep them company.

If you want their retirement party to be more enjoyable for everyone, you can ask guests to get silly, rude retirement cards that will surely make the retiree laugh and giggle the entire time.

Make sure to get funny and offensive greeting cards with hilarious front messages such as:

  • “Retire from work, not from life.”
  • “Goodbye tension, hello pension!”
  • “Thank god it’s Friday forever.”
  • “You’re dead to us now.”
  • “Don’t leave me alone with these people.”
  • “Go on, piss off! Take your good luck with you!”

These hilariously rude retirement cards will surely make the retiree laugh the whole time. However, make sure to choose messages that reflect their personality the best.



Retirement parties for your retiring loved ones can be an excellent opportunity for you all to show your love and appreciation to them. To do that, make their party about them by personalising the theme, cake, and party favours. Doing so will surely make your loved one feel loved and appreciated. To make their retirement years more memorable, you can consider sending them out offensive greeting cards that will surely make them laugh out loud during their travel journeys.

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