While writing a goodbye card can get you feeling a little blue, it is the best time to be funny! It is okay to be solemn, but when you say goodbye to your friend, coworker, or anyone else in a joking manner, it’ll make the entire experience much more bearable as well as help them remember you!

That said, if you’re struggling to figure out what sort of funny things you can write into your goodbye card, here are a few ideas:


  1. Writing to Your Coworkers

Writing to your coworkers is a little bit like writing to your friend. However, if you can implement something that you and they can relate together that’s relevant to the job, it’ll become much funnier.

For example, if you’ve been working with a coworker for a long time and he or she is leaving, you can write something like this: “You’re leaving? I’m leaving with you! I don’t want to get stuck doing your job!” If someone leaving was a great leader to you, or has been a massive influencer within the workplace, you can write, “I see that you’re leaving. Well, now’s someone else’s chance to enjoy all the glory!”

You can write something witty quite easily if you find something that you and the individual can relate to. When they finally open the card and read what’s inside, they’ll break a smile and remember all the good times they’ve had with you. Who knows, they might remember you if their new job has an open position!


  1. Writing to Someone Going Through a Breakup

No matter how “good” a breakup went, it still sucks for whoever must go through it. You might not even feel like there’s anything funny at all about the situation, but hey, tragedy is the best comedy!

If it is one of your siblings or even your best friend going through a breakup, you can write something like, “Oh, so you’re finally free from her evil clutches. Get out there and enjoy life for once!” Something else you can write can be, “You just received the best gift: Freedom!”

Yes, it is still sad that they’re going through a breakup, but cheering them up goes to show how much you care for that individual.


  1. Writing to Your Friends

You have a little more flexibility when it comes to writing to your friends. You might even say something that no one else will catch on except the two of you!

That said, if you’re wondering what you can write, that will depend on your relationship with your friend. If you’re seriously close with the individual, you can write something along the lines of “You’re leaving? Who is going to buy us ice cream?” If the individual that’s leaving is someone you partially know but still consider as a friend, you might write something like, “So, I heard you’re leaving. I little birdie told me!”

Put simply, the closer you are to that friend, the funnier you can be with the individual if you catch our gist.



There are just all kinds of funny things you can write in a goodbye card. Just remember to think about who is leaving, and your relationship is to that person. That way, you’ll be able to write something relevant to the two of you, and that’ll get you laughing while you write and the individual laughing when they finally get to read it.

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