Birthdays are very important to us. They can be celebrated with a nice, quiet meal at home with the family, a night out with colleagues after work, or a rowdy birthday bash with friends. More than anything else, our birthdays won’t be complete without greetings from some special people.

That said, birthday greetings can come in the form of good wishes, gratitude, and hopes for a better life ahead. Greetings are meant to touch a birthday celebrator and make him or her feel blessed, grateful, and genuinely happy on his natal day.

But let’s put a twist on birthday greetings. Have you ever thought of pranking your friends as a way to greet them on their birthdays? Why not come up with sarcastic yet witty wishes for the birthday celebrator? It’s one thing to give someone a simple greeting and it’s quite another to make the celebrator roll on the floor while laughing. Why not? For all we know, your friends will appreciate such greetings, and they might help break the ice at a party and ensure a good time for all.

Are you clueless about how to come up with a witty greeting? We’ll help you out. Here are ten ideas for sarcastic yet witty birthday wishes. You can pick one, or you can come up with your own based on the suggestions below.


Sarcastic Yet Witty Ways to Say Happy Birthday

  • You might expect a birthday surprise, but you are too old for that. So instead, let me tell you beforehand that you can expect me to be at your party, where you can treat me to a drink. Thanks in advance and oh, happy birthday!


  • You know how we make a great team—me with my charm, looks, and intelligence, and you with your pleasant attitude. So what more can I say? Happy birthday!


  • We know it’s your birthday. But please don’t worry about throwing a splendid party. But since we don’t want to disappoint you, here we are, gate-crashing. Happy birthday!


  • Why are you celebrating your birthday when you are turning a year older? Nevertheless, I will attend your birthday party to rub in the fact that you’re old. Happy Birthday, gramps!


  • What do we have to look forward to? Of course, your birthday and your newest chin. Bet you are going to throw a party, and the good food will make you even more bloated. Happy birthday to you and your tummy!


  • On your birthday, I just want to say how kind, intelligent, beautiful, and amazing you are as a person. I hope you accept my heartfelt birthday wishes and all these lies. You deserve these at least once a year. Happy Birthday!


  • You might be wondering why I’m here. I am only here for the cake since it’s your birthday. But anyway, thanks for the birthday celebration. It’s worthy to say that you’ve grown wiser, better, and yes, older. Peace! Happy birthday!


  • Since you’ve grown older and wiser, it’s best to make your birthday celebration more mature this year? Instead of offering orange juice and cake, why not offer champagne, exotic wine, and caviar? Let’s drink to that, Happy Birthday!


  • Do you think you have reasons to be happy on your birthday? Of course not, you are going to spend a lot of money to keep us happy instead. And for that, thank you! May you have a happy day. Happy birthday!


  • Oh, please do not forget to keep some hangover pills ready. We’ll make sure that you need them tomorrow morning. Why not? Happy Birthday!


Wrapped Up

These are just a few examples that will get the birthday celebrator smiling and laughing. You can come up with other lines as well. Please be careful, however, that whatever you say won’t offend the celebrator. Because in the end, we just want to make him or her happy on their special day!

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