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Many long-distance relationships fail because they can’t access the needed love languages to keep both couples sane. However, some do work out in the end. They are indeed rare cases, but many have proven that they can succeed with plenty of work and perseverance. After all, if you think the person is worth the wait, you’ll feel eternally grateful for sticking around.

2020 has made long-distance relationships more prevalent. Even people who live in the same country are often barred from seeing one another due to the pandemic. COVID-19 is testing relationships, which is why couples may have to work extra hard on their bonds with one another. Here are tips that are tried and tested from those who have made it out of their long-distance relationships:


  1. Schedule Things Properly

Thanks to technology, people can communicate quickly, even when they are in different areas of the globe. The problem is that some couples live in different timezones, which often means that working and sleeping hours clash. This time difference can cause plenty of issues when it comes to giving each other time, as being physically away from each other means increases the importance of all communication forms. Compared to couples who live together, those separated by distance need to devote proper time to contact one another.

Frustrations are usually caused by one side not giving enough time and attention to the other. Doing this is challenging when there is so little time to give someone each day. Living together means spending evenings side-by-side without even needing to talk, but being away means each video call and text are even more significant. Work on a schedule with your significant other and follow it to ensure that both sides’ needs are met.


  1. Make Sure You are Both on the Same Page

When it comes to a relationship, you likely have to be on the same page when it comes to the end goal. If you both don’t plan to end up together as a married couple or starting a family, then it can be challenging to connect. Having your both eyes on the same prize makes dealing with the distance more manageable. When you aren’t on the same page as your partner, this will be difficult to deal with things long term, so consider talking about what your end goals are for the relationship.


  1. Relying On Technology Isn’t a Good Idea

While technology has connected the world, it also has the potential to alienate people. FaceTime, Facebook, texting, and other connectivity apps are amazing at allowing people to interact. However, an issue is that people tend to think that the internet holds the key to everything.

One thing you can do to spice things up is to send something physically to your loved one, such as their favourite foods, a bottle of alcohol, or one of You Said It’s offensive love cards! These are a perfect way to stay strong through trying times, as people love to receive things physically. Show your love for someone by sending them a thoughtful gift with a funny greeting card to brighten up their days.



A long-distance relationship will never work without putting in reasonable effort and time. By finding out of the box ways to surprise your loved one, you’re sure to kindle the fire in your relationship. Funny cards are a great way to give your significant other a good laugh, which will warrant more new conversations between you two.

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