Finding out you’re pregnant can be one of the most exciting feelings in your life, and it’s tempting to reveal and share it with others. A pregnancy announcement card is a sweet and straightforward gesture for all the simple couples who don’t want something fancy, but it can also be a little personal or cheeky depending on the content written on it.

However, you might be stuck at the crossroads when it comes to deciding who you should give the announcement to. Should you only tell your grandparents, or do you tell your second cousin about it as well?

Here’s a short guide to the people in your life and why you should or shouldn’t give a pregnancy announcement card to them:


Definitely give your family an announcement card. Under certain circumstances, it may be expected, while others might be in a little bit of shock. If your parents have been waiting on you two to have a child, receiving the card can be a huge relief and excitement for them. Just try and look away if you start to see them crying.

This special news can truly excite your family and have them ready to welcome the new member of your family. Also, not to say it’s a perk, but you can look forward to some special treatment and gifts from closer family members throughout the next few months until the baby is delivered.


Close Friends

Absolutely! But with exceptions. A lot of your friends will probably loathe the strict schedule you have to go through. Appointment after appointment, dealing with morning sickness, mood swings and the like can make a couple busy and miss a game night. Don’t worry, though; they definitely will rave about the pregnancy and how they’re going to become an aunt or uncle.

However, do remember to be sensitive when talking to friends who may have fertility issues or a past miscarriage. It isn’t an easy thing to go through, and bringing up your own pregnancy can trigger those individuals and force them to reminisce. If you and that person are close, maybe skip the card and contact them via call instead to let them know personally.


Social Media Followers

If you happen to have a following on social media, you might be tempted to share a photograph on the card and let people know you’re expecting. There isn’t a wrong or right answer, as it’s your personal preference on whether you feel like sharing on the internet or not.

Just be sure you’ve already gone through your family and friends before posting the picture. Remember that everything online can be public information, and consider the type of people you’re sharing the news with.


Workmates and Acquaintances

Although you’re seeing and interacting with these people every day via the office or working remotely, it isn’t really necessary to inform them about your pregnancy. However, if some symptoms start affecting your work and you need to take leave, that’s a different story.

A pregnancy announcement card might not be the ideal way to come clean to your boss, especially within the corporate world. You don’t want rumours to do the work for you either, so deliver the news through conversation and take the initiative of discussing your maternity leave.



To sum it up, it’s optimal to send a card about your pregnancy to friends and family. For all the other people in your life, wait for the start of your second trimester or when you’re 13 weeks pregnant before bringing it up so that you’re clear of any complications.

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