Building and maintaining healthy working relationships offers a strong support system and a working environment that encourages you to unleash your full potential. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean saying farewell to a coworker who just got promoted by another company or accepted another job offer.

Sending them a goodbye card is a simple yet thoughtful gesture to show support for your coworker who’s moving onto another career opportunity. It also gives your colleague a keepsake to hold onto. If you have trouble penning down your thoughts, here are some message ideas on what to write on the card:


  • Thoughtful Messages for a New Job

It’s fun to share in your coworker’s moment of triumph, even if it means they have to leave the company to grab a better career opportunity. Whether you want to congratulate a departing colleague or wish a friend luck on their new endeavour, you can express on the greeting card how you are proud of them and their ambition, confidence, and perseverance. You can also mention your desire to keep in touch with them even after you are no longer working in the same company.

If the colleague is your manager, don’t forget to thank them for their guidance and role in your career experience. This is especially important if they are your mentor.


  • Congratulation Messages for Job Promotion

When your colleague gets a well-deserved job promotion, sending them a congrats card is an excellent way to celebrate this milestone with them. Doing this can also give them the confidence and motivation boost they need since getting promoted means having a higher level of responsibility.

To congratulate your newly promoted colleague, tell them through a greeting card that you are glad to see them thrive in a job that makes the best use of their talents and challenges them in a good way. You can also say how they serve as inspiration to keep moving forward and working toward career goals.


  • Funny New Job Messages

While you are happy for your coworker on their newfound employment, it’s understandable to feel bummed that you will no longer be working together. Express this disappointment and crack them up by handing them a funny new job card.

If you and your coworker are close enough to make rude jokes with one another, you may even get them an offensive greeting card. Complete the card with an amusing message. For example, consider wishing your colleague luck trying to convince their new workmates that they actually know what they are doing at their job. You can also tell them they can spend more on friends like you if they recently got promoted or accepted a job offer with better pay.



A greeting card is more than just folded pieces of paper. In the business world, it is an effective relationship builder that can put a smile on your coworker’s face and make their entire day. While finding the right words to put on the card can be difficult regardless of the working relationship you had with them, saying goodbye gracefully to a colleague who decided to leave the company is vital. Doing this lets them know that you appreciate your time with them and wish them the best of luck as they leave for greener pastures.

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