Everyone likes receiving gifts on their special day. Cards are particularly nice to receive, especially when you get a message that is clearly just for you. Sometimes, your friend will surprise you with a funny card and a cute message.

When your friendship with someone deepens, a certain type of humour is sure to come out. And wouldn’t you appreciate a person who can let their guard down with you? Making bawdy jokes with a friend is a way of cementing your closeness, and our greeting cards present tons of opportunities for you to do that.

From birthdays to anniversaries to sick days, we have them covered. But if you’re someone with a creative flair, or who wants to send a personalised sick burn, we have some tips to keep in mind when designing your own card.


  1. Sketch your design

When you sit down for a consultation, it helps to already know what you want to be printed out. This saves us both time, and you’ll get your card sooner than later. Even if you’re not big on sketches, you can print out pegs and show it to us, and then we can discuss other matters like colour and fonts.


  1. Consider the material

By default, our cards are printed on triple coated premium paper on the outside and are uncoated inside. This is so your jokes make the maximum effect, and anything you’d like to add inside can be handwritten easily. Our cards also come in hard backed envelopes to keep them safe during mailing.


  1. Write out your message

Think about your inside message. Normally, this is where the punchline goes if you set it up on the face of the card. You might also want to keep this space blank so that you have more space to write a longer message. Another option is flipping the format on its head and using the inside to have an image related to your punchline.


  1. Keep to the intentions

A caveat: sometimes, what is funny to us might be well and truly offensive to others. If you know your friend enough, you would have a nice idea as to their threshold for humour. But if you’re just starting to warm up to each other, maybe save the rude cards for a later day in your friendship, and opt for our cleaner greeting cards instead.


A Final Word

Inspiration and well wishes can come in the form of a humorous greeting card. If you know your friend well, you can send a funny message that may look offensive, but your friend will still laugh because they know you mean otherwise.

If you’re looking for cards with us, you already know what to expect in terms of humour. But rest assured that with us, professionalism is no laughing matter. As with our in-house designs, you can count on quality, timely printing with your bespoke cards. Consultations with our designers will also help you choose what’s best to put on your design, and we try our best to give you the card that you have in mind.

Should you be looking for offensive cards in the UK, check out our wide range of cards you can choose from.