Throwing a birthday celebration for an officemate can be a challenging task. You know that some of your co-workers enjoy celebrating with a little food and drink. At the same time, you are aware of how busy some of them can be.

If you are the person assigned to throw a little surprise celebration, do not be discouraged. We have here some ideas to help you make the birthday celebrant feel happy and special. Here’s what you can do:


  1. Order some pizza

Everyone loves pizza, so one of the best things you can do is to serve them the food that they love. Ordering pizza is pretty easy, and it is a flexible food that offers a wide range of variety. Moreover, pizza is easy to eat. Your officemates can grab their piece and go back to work if they have too many deliverables for the day. Also, choosing a pizza party is one way to make everyone happy, including vegans.

Tip: Make an announcement to the team on the day or days before the celebration so that everyone will be aware of the plan. It is up to you if you would want the birthday celebrant to know or not. Informing everyone else will also let you gauge if there are special notes or requests you should consider when ordering the team food.


  1. Buy a cake

What is a birthday without a cake? Birthday cakes are the must-haves at any birthday celebration. They make birthdays extra special. Plus, it is always a good time to eat a cake while taking a break from work. No co-worker will get mad at you when you barge into their office and then offer a slice of cake.


  1. Book a team lunch

If you do not have time to prepare, you can always book a table somewhere special. Lunchtime is ideal since everyone in the company needs to have a break and eat, and eating together is a fun way to celebrate a special occasion. It is always a good idea to go outside once in a while to simply forget about work and just have a great time.

Tip: No one wants to feel left behind no matter how busy they get. That is why when planning a team lunch, do not forget to tell the team in advance so that they do not book other lunch meetings. It will also allow them to adjust their schedules to join you.


  1. Write a birthday card

Food makes people happy, but it is not something a birthday celebrant can keep forever. If you do not know what gift to give your co-worker, a birthday card always works. It is simple and inexpensive, plus it is a heartfelt gift. Let everyone in the office write a short message to the birthday celebrant. Reading about how people appreciate a person and knowing the effort they did to writing a card is a great gift already. It will surely be a card they will treasure for a long time.



A birthday celebration is a simple way of showing appreciation and thanks to your employee or co-worker’s existence. It is a once in a year opportunity to show them how valuable they are to the company. The celebration does not always have to be big and grand. A genuine gesture and empowering, loving messages are enough to keep them motivated and satisfied.

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