Our Environmental Promises Greeting Cards UK

Even as a small independent company we try to make sure that we’re environmentally friendly in everything that we do.

We’ve made a promise and teamed up with ecologi to plant 1 tree for every 30 cards we sell. We feel it’s our duty to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure more trees are planted for each tree that is used to produce our cards and as well as that, we make sure that we only use FSC approved paper.

Also as of June 2019, we’ve switched our entire cellophane greeting card protectors to compostable & biodegradable ones but we’re not just stopping there, we’re planning to scrap these altogether in the future.

Even our web servers are powered by 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.

As a small company we hope these small changes will make a big difference to our home planet.