Momentous occasions can rob us of the right words; we sometimes don’t know what to write, for example, in a wedding card, or a thank you card. If you’re a witty person, you fall back on humour, an effective strategy for maintaining relationships. Everyone likes to laugh, and everyone likes the guy that makes them laugh. If you need ideas on what to write so you can brighten someone’s day, we have some things to kick-start your brain and get you in the right ribbing mood.

Anniversary cards

Your anniversary is a time to strengthen your loyalty, gush over your shared experiences, and annoy your partner with a funny greeting card. What says you care for someone better than a note that starts with ‘I love you even when you fart in your sleep’ or ‘I would Netflix and chill with you anytime,’ or even ‘You’re well lush’? Our catalogue has cards tamer and cheekier than these, fitting whatever comfort level and sense of humour you two may share. And if you’re wishing a couple in your life a happy anniversary, you may want to send them a funny note celebrating their love, and calling them out while you’re at it. – Click to see Funny Anniversary Cards


Birthday cards

For most people, the day they were born is an excuse to party, have a dinner out, or simply spend time with loved ones. Ride the high spirits of the day and make your celebrator chuckle with one of our rude birthday cards. Anyone will smile when opening a card that says ‘happy birthday old woman’ or ‘happy birthday slabhead.’ For more greetings with that extra kick, browse our selection. We have birthday cards for everyone from your best mate to your family. Beyond the teasing, your loved ones will appreciate the fact that you remembered to send them a handwritten note, something that we’re seeing less and less these days. Click to see funny Birthday Cards


Congratulations cards

For milestones in people’s lives, it is always a good idea to ease their feelings with a nice dollop of giggling. Sure, your friend or relative might be happy, but for events like a new job, a new house, or getting in uni, they are sure to have more emotions than plain happiness. Reassure them that no matter what happens, you and your brand of humour will stay. For the new employee, something that says ‘congrats on the new job–I hope you hate it’ will tickle them. New house owners receiving something that says ‘congratulations, you’re like a proper grown-up now!’ will be a gentle prod that things will be alright. Our selection has more prompts for those special moments, and we’re sure you’ll be inspired.


Thank you cards

You don’t really need a special occasion to send someone a card that shows them how much you appreciate their presence. Any day can be a celebration. Punctuate your efforts with one of our funny cards. ‘Thanks for supporting all my bad decisions’ can be a wry acknowledgement of how much your parents support you or your friends’ patience in dealing with your drama. Or you can have something that’s simple; ‘thanks for keeping my feet warm’ is an endearing thing to receive from your significant other, and is sweeter if you get this on an ordinary day.


Wrapping up

You don’t need a reason to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them. When getting them a handwritten card is a nice gesture, get them one that you can personalise, and shows off how funny you are.


You Said It has a wide selection of funny, sometimes rude greeting cards that are sure to be memorable for your loved ones. Browse our selection and order from us today.