Married couples from days past have observed a simple thank-you note etiquette. It’s a good tradition that you and your partner must follow after your wedding celebration.

After the wedding day, you and your spouse must find the time and energy to write thank-you notes to everyone who gave you wedding gifts. It’s also essential to do this together because this is the 21st century where equal partnership in marriage is the road to forever.

Look at all the free stuff your loving families and friends were thoughtful to give you. They are all practical, day-to-day household items to help you establish a beautiful married home. But before you can enjoy the beautiful gifts waiting before you, you must write thank-you notes. It’s the most sensible thing to do. You have to express your gratitude through your own words.

Ideally, you should write and send those gratitude notes within three months after your wedding day. That’s a reasonable time to complete the task. If you received an overwhelming amount of gifts, you could always ask for help to make the thank-you notes. Avoid procrastinating because it will become more challenging to accomplish.


Start writing the thank-you notes right away.

If you think the actual wedding day is the last straw of stress related to the ritual of getting married, you’re wrong. Writing thank-you notes are tedious. But they are essential. The radiant energy that your well-wishers gave you and your spouse might be gone if you won’t put up the effort to say thank-you the old-fashioned way.

Start writing your thank-you notes immediately after the wedding. You can ask your spouse to open the gifts while you list who they are from. This will make it easier for you to specify whom to thank for what. It’s difficult, especially when you received plenty of gifts. So here are the items that will make the task somewhat more manageable:


  1. Buy pre-printed cards.

Make sure they match the theme of your wedding. It must have space for you to write a message. Include how the gift means so much to you and your spouse.


  1. Hire a handwriting artist.

You can find the right person online. This person will keep the writing neat, legible, and creative for you. Plus, your hands won’t get so tired writing the notes yourself. You can just dictate what you want the card to say.


  1. Personalize each letter.

You can’t write the same thank-yous to everybody. If you received money as a gift, what should you say? You should specify where the money would go. It’s also important not to mention the amount or use the term “money.” Moreover, don’t forget to write the person’s name on the card, so she’ll know that it is personalised and not a generic send-to-all thank-you note.


Remember that gratitude is always a good policy

Writing thank-you notes will let the receiver know your heartfelt appreciation. This creates good energy that will linger whenever they think about you and your partner. And you need that and more to have a good married life. Moreover, it shows your class and good manners. All in all, this gives you all the right reasons to start writing your wedding thank-you notes. Write to them now.

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