Sending a greeting card these days may be intimidating as most people are so used to sending messages via chat messages, email, SMS, and other digital avenues. However, nothing beats a greeting card. Even after all these years, cards are still here for us to send. Regardless of the reason for the card, we have prepared a quick refresher course so that you can ease into sending our cards again.

In this article, we will share three basic elements of a greeting card along with useful tips to make your card a memorable one:

  1. The Name of the Recipient

The first element to include in your greeting card is the recipient’s name. It is commonly placed on the top of the inside of the card, and it’s the first part that the recipient will see. If you address the card to an office, you can use the name or the receptionist or a boss’ name instead.


  1. The Message

A card will be all for nothing if it doesn’t come with a heartfelt written message. Include a personalised message to your card and remember that it doesn’t have to be long—a few sentences will be enough. Just make sure to keep it straightforward and sweet!


  1. Signature

Once you have your message ready, sign it with your name. If you’re doing this as a business owner, don’t forget to add your logo in your signature and add your business card along with it.


Additional Tips

Now that you know the three elements of a greeting card, here are four ways to make your card stand out:

  • Make the person feel special: No matter who you’re sending the card to, it’s vital that you make the recipient feel special, especially if the card is for a special occasion like a birthday or graduation. Think of the qualities that you like about this person or think about how this person made your life better. Remember, your card is about the person you’re giving it to, so make it count!


  • Don’t worry about the time: When sending out greeting cards, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong time. Greeting cards are welcome any day, which means that any time is an excellent time to send a card to someone special. If you’re wondering whether or not you’d like to send a card, try not to overthink it and just do it. It’s a great way to express your gratitude or let a friend know you’re thinking of them.


  • Be appropriate: There are many types of cards available in the stores today. You can easily find rude birthday cards, funny divorce cards, and just about any type of card. Indeed, greeting cards have evolved into something even more than the typical Hallmark card that many people all grew up with. With so many choices available, make sure you choose appropriate ones. If you’re sending it on behalf of your business, keep it professional. On the other hand, you can send rude, funny ones to close friends. At the same time, just remember to be appropriate.


  • Make it about the recipient: As mentioned, the greeting card should only be about the receiver. Try your best to avoid starting your sentences with an “I.” Instead, get to the point and open the message with the reason you send the card in the first place.



Sending a greeting card may be a daunting process, especially after years of merely sending messages over a text. Nevertheless, if you know the basic elements of the card plus some useful tips, you’ll feel more confident to write and send one. Keep in mind all the information in this article so that you can write a sound greeting card that will make the receiver feel appreciated and special.

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