Growing up, families, friends, and co-workers used to exchange loads of holiday greeting cards as a way of spreading positive vibes and good news within their social circle.

Some were excited on the prospect of receiving the annual greeting card from a family member – perhaps a favourite cousin, aunt, uncle, or grandparents, who were living in a different state, as it was a fun way to send a personalised update on their lives.

Nowadays, with the rise of instant messaging and 24/7 connection to people from all parts of the world with social media, many may think that the use of greeting cards has taken a back seat.

However, it’s appeal is stronger than ever as it now offers nostalgia and brings back memories of simpler times; not to mention, its value increased as younger people in the digital age found that sending or receiving greeting cards as an intimate gesture.

Various designs can spice up greetings cards and make it even more enjoyable for people, and we’ve got you covered with our top choices below:


Tip #1: Experiment with Braille Greeting Cards

Greeting cards aren’t just meant for people who can visually see its appeal as multiple options use Braille as a way to cater to people who are blind.

For instance, The Chicago Lighthouse’s Tools for Living Store offers a wide selection of greeting cards with Braille messages included in each card for various occasions. Also, you have the freedom to write your greetings in Braille, allowing you to add a personal touch.


Tip #2: Experiment with Tactile Cards

The typical design of greeting cards is mostly embossed paper, though other styles play with tactile shapes made from felt or glittery paper.

While it can be more costly than most, it is a creative and attractive way of sending exciting greeting cards, especially during the holidays. If you want to save up your budget, you can even do it yourself as various how-to Youtube tutorials are available online to help you create tactile designs to step up your greeting card game.


Tip #3: Experiment with E-cards

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds when it comes to greeting cards? Now that the digital age has taken over, E-cards are on the rise as it offers flexibility on more complex designs wherein animations, GIFS, or even short audio recorded messages can be incorporated. It’s a fun and quick way to send greetings or congratulations on any occasion, especially when you’re in the mood for a medium that allows you to jazz up and personalise your card down to the last pixel.

Looking for a card for a particular occasion? Check out the designs we have available today!